Log Cabin Quilt: 6 Simple Tips

I love how my finished baby quilt turned out, and I now have a so many easy Log Cabin Quilt tips to share with you today!

There are so many ways you can make a Log Cabin Quilt, for mine I chose to use soft colors with a lot of white fabric to make this match the baby decor/room.

This quilt is on the Fiskars website, and you can read my step by step tutorial of it here

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log cabin quilt TIPS

Find below all of my Log Cabin Quilt Tips that help make this quilt a successful project.

log cabin quilt tips
  1. You want all of your fabric strips to measure exactly the same- my strips are 2 inches + seam allowances. Take extra time while cutting fabric, as this attention to detail will pay off in the end.
  2. You can create a simple symmetric look to you quilt by adding two pieces of each color to my growing log cabin block. This is easy to do and will make your quilt look unique.
  3. To add a modern twist to my quilt- I added a lot of white. The white fabric contrasts well with the colors and add a bright look to the quilt.
  4. Every time to add a new fabric strip to grow your block, you need to open and crease your seam neatly. I used a paper crafting bone folder for this and it works beautifully!
  5. As you grow your Log Cabin Block into a full quilt you will need longer and longer strips of fabric. Since I did not have long enough fabric- I chose to make 4 large Log Cabin Blocks and then joined them together to create the quilt
  6. A Log Cabin Quilt can easily be made using up your fabric remains. Simply cut all fabrics to size and assemble.

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This quilt was so much fun to make, and I’m ready for my next pattern now! The main fun is in selecting the fabrics, and choosing a pattern 🙂

I hope these Log Cabin Quilt Tips were useful for you! If you have any tips for me, I’d love to learn.

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  1. Wow!!! I am super impressed!! I can’t believe you hand-stitched that quilt!! You are a rock star!! I also love that pear fabric. Oh, and your photos look great!!

  2. This is so beautiful, it will make a lovely keepsake to handdown in the future. Love the colours you have choosen for your next project too.

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