Self Timer Photo: Get Mom in the Pic!

I’m trying out a new way to capture our every day with the self-timer photo challenge! Simply set the timer, and fit it into the frame! Getting myself into the pic isn’t as easy as you would think- I’m always snapping photos of the kids but am missing from the frame.

I finally got time some yesterday when everyone was fed, changed, and awake, and so I put my camera to work for the Dear Lizzy’s challenge with self-timer shots:)

self timer photo

This is something I have always wanted to do since we rarely get photos in which both I and the husband are both in front of the camera. Usually, it’s always one of us behind the camera! So the self-timer route is something I want to use more…

Self timer photo

(Let’s pretend we don’t see the toilet in the background. This was a test self timer photo shot, but this also ended up being the best shot I had, so it meets all of you…)

Here I loved using the continuous shot mode – and I set it for 10 photos. This way I got to make different faces at the camera 🙂

(And hope that at least one photo looks good…)

With the kids, most of the photos were out of focus though and by the time I could get my camera in the right angle and settings the girls were too busy to sit and pose. So I just took photos of them doing what they were doing.

Have you tried the self timer photo challenge? I’d love to see!

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  1. coming from dear lizzy … these photos are amazing … i think you look so cute in the first one … and the second photo is gorgeous … like frame worthy 🙂

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