Popsicle Photo Frame Step by Step Tutorial!

Today’s Popsicle Photo Frame is an easy Dollar Tree Craft idea, just grab 2 packs of their popsicle craft sticks and some hot glue!

With the kids at home more, aren’t we all looking for more and more craft ideas to keep them busy and occupies? Today’s project is perfect for kids and I love this Popsicle stick craft because not only is it easy and quick to make- These popsicle photo frames look cute and are reusable as well! Pick up the supplies at a local Dollar Tree to make this is an inexpensive craft idea!

Popsicle stick craft

This week, to keep the kids busy I’m making a Popsicle stick craft. I have always been fascinated with popsicle sticks as a kid. I was so excited to start this project. And it was a complete surprise to me- to see my husband excited to get in the craft and play with those popsicle sticks. He had almost as much fun as we did. And I am pretty sure he did not relinquish that hot glue gun for a second 🙂

What Crafts can I Make with Popsicle Sticks?

You can make a house, building, flower or like today a Popsicle Photo Frame!

Easy Popsicle stick Craft Tutorial:

This tutorial was originally published on the Fiskars website.

Step by step tutorial showing how to put together a popsicle frame

Step 1: To begin, line up 8 popsicle sticks one atop another as seen below. Adhere 3 sticks perpendicular to them to form a base of sorts. I used hot glue to adhere to these sticks, but a good carpenters wood glue would work well too.

popsicle photo frame

Step 2: Once the glue dries, flip it over and place it with the front up. Now, place a 4 by 6 photograph in the center. We are going to use this as a guide to know where we need the next two pillars. Now place a stick on top of the photo, half overlapping the photo edge. Place the stick- do not adhere anything yet. Using a pencil make a small line to mark where the popsicle stick needs to be.

popsicle photo frame2

Step 3: Now run adhesive along the outer edge of the stick only and adhere onto the frame (remove the 4 by 6 photo)

popsicle photo frame3

Step 4: Do the same to form the opposite edge pillar. After adhering both pillars down, Make sure that the photo is able to slide in and out easily. This is pretty important, otherwise, the photo will not have anywhere to go.

popsicle photo frame4

The rest of the frame is pretty easy now. Adhere two sticks horizontally, at the top and the bottom.

popsicle photo frame5

To make the frame stand, we need to provide it with some kind of support. For this, adhere three sticks together to form a tiny wall of sorts. Now run adhesive along the wall and adhere it onto the base of the frame as seen here.

popsicle photo frame6

picture frame with popsicle sticks craft

Here is my finished Popsicle stick craft, perfect to display photos!


Ta da! The frame is ready and you should be able to easily slide a 4 by 6 inch photo in, I love that this frame is reusable and you can change the photos every season!

At this point, you can leave this Popsicle stick craft it as it is, or decorate it further with some embellishments.

popsicle photo frames Popsicle stick craft

I love that these Popsicle photo frames are reusable and that I can change out the photos when I need to!

Supplies used in this project:

Popsicle sticks, Hot glue gun or any kind of glue.

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  2. Its so nice…really pretty…the pics really looked like there were your two girls….but as i read thro the page I got to know that its ur eldest one..

  3. Are these popsicle sticks or the slightly larger tongue depressor size… it’s hard to tell from the text and the 8mage… thank u!

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