Amazing Dollar Tree Craft Items: 10+ Supplies To Buy Now!

With Dollar Tree’s Crafter’s Square supplies at just $1 there are so many things you can make! Here on this page, I share all of my favorite Dollar Tree Craft items and tons of easy crafts with tutorials and videos using them.

With their introduction of the Crafter’s Square brand, I’m seeing so many NEW Dollar Tree Craft items each time I visit the store. I’ve done the research for you and here is a list of craft supplies at dollar tree that are a great bargain!

dollar tree craft items

dollar tree do it yourself crafts

For Easy Dollar tree do it yourself crafts make sure to check out all of these items!

10 Dollar Tree Craft Items you should absolutely buy

2. Dollar Tree Florals

The Bamboo Wreath forms are so inexpensive when you compare them to big hobby stores. Definitely grab a set when you are in store next time. I love the quality of the Dollar Tree Florals and stems- they are all stunningly gorgeous and realistic looking! I’ve made this Spring Dollar Tree Wreath Video Tutorial and then a few months later, I simply pulled out the pink flowers and replaced them with leaves and pumpkins! Such a satisfying and beautiful project- DIY Fall Wreath Dollar Tree video

3. Dollar Tree Planner goodies

The Let’s Planner sticker books come with sheets and sheets of stickers- with almost 250 stickers in each booklet! There are many different themes available so I’m sure you will find something that suits your style. The clear stamps are of great quality and come in pretty trendy designs.

4. Dollar Tree Paints

These Dollar Tree Paint Watercolors are definitely a student-grade art supply but surprisingly good quality for the price!

Shopping at the Dollar Tree is so super satisfying! It is also a great option to keep the kids bust and creative in these times. With supplies at just $1.25 I can easily let them explore and try new crafts!

5. Dollar Tree Brushes, Stencils & Tools

The plastic paint knives are a steal at this price! The Paint palettes too. There are many different paint palette sizes and shapes that are available and they are all great to use! I also love the stencil circles they have in the store that are so unique and and bang for the buck!

6. Dollar Tree Stickers and Rub ons

I love the wide variety of stickers and rub ons the store carries. There are so many design styles to try and they are all of high quality. Watch me use these Dollar Tree stickers on books!

7. Dollar Tree Kid Crafts

Come summer or winter break we are always looking for ways to keep our kids busy and creative. Stock up on these Dollar Tree Craft items- popsicle sticks, pom poms, finger paints, kids paints and more! At this price point it is easy to buy new things for our kids to explore and experiment with. Check out my easy Popsicle Stick Craft tutorial!

dollar tree craft items kids crafts

8. Dollar Tree Pumpkins

The Dollar Tree pumpkin is a foam carvable pumpkin. I have painted these Cute Pumpkins with acrylic paint and also carved into them with an Exacto knife in this Dollar Tree Pumpkin Makeover video! These pumpkins make for the perfect Fall craft.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin makeover

9. Dollar Tree Craft Kits

I picked up this Dollar Tree Candle Making Kit and was surprised how good it was! It came with a glass jar or votive with a wick in place, and 3 bags of scented wax granules. Making the candle is super easy! I actually let my 11 year old make this and so this is totally kid friendly.

10. General dollar store craft items

There are SO many Dollar Tree Craft Items that are basic, multi purpose and totally worth the trip to the store. Think Adhesive cork sheets, Craft Clamps, Glitter Papers, Duct Tapes. These items would all be great for adults to craft with, not just for kids.

Things To Avoid at The Dollar Store

  1. Sketchbooks- These are usually made of thin paper and not artist grade. Great for toddlers to learn to paint in.
  2. Paintbrushes- The Paintbrushes aren’t too bad, but the bristles wont form into a sharp tip and don’t last long.
  3. Scissors- Only buy them if they are brand named ones!

Dollar tree craft items haul video!

Enjoy watching me share all the Dollar Tree craft items I’ve seen in my Dollar Tree Craft Unboxing YouTube video!

craft supplies at dollar tree: Are they worth it?

Yes! So many Dollar Tree Craft Ideas!

Most of the craft supplies at dollar tree are 100% worth the price and trip to the Dollar Tree Store.

But don’t expect to find all of these items in just one store. You might have to go to a few different stores, or even visit the same store a couple different times

Also, if you see something you like, make sure you grab it! Because I have gone back to get things and they are almost always sold out!

My kids and I have been to 4 or 5 Dollar Trees around us in Minnesota and we find different stuff at each store! Some stores are much smaller and have lesser inventory and a few stores are larger and have almost an entire aisle of Dollar Tree Craft items! You never know what you will find 🙂

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Hi, I’m Smitha! I live in Minnesota with my husband and two daughters. You’ll always find me painting florals in my sketchbook. And I love the sheer joy of making something with just my hands! But my bigger love is capturing it all on camera Read more.

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  1. I loved this Video! i never go in Dollar Tree because I think everything must be junk! Wow I cannot wait to go. Those pink clips are also good for bobbins when colorchanging in crochet you roll them up around them and clip yarn and unclip as you crochet keeps the yarn neat so you dont get tangles. I also use clips like those for holding my quilts down while I baste them. :0) Thanks Denise

  2. Smitha is a wonderful host, especially where the paints come in. I would love to try watercolors but until her video, I didn’t realize how affordable it could be.

    And just looking around I’m sure I’ll find other items to try!

    Really enjoyed this visit❤️

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