Pointillism: How to Color with Dots

 Try a new way of coloring with markers with the Pointillism or Stippling technique using just dots!

Hello friends! Today I am coloring with markers in my Adult Coloring page using a fun technique that involves just dots! You don’t really need any new skills to do Pointillism so let’s get started.

pointillism dots

Learn more about the Pointillism technique by clicking the video box below or To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE


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If your are thinking to yourself that is way too complex of a technique, let me tell you that I first thought so myself too. But the funny thing was, once I saw the idea of coloring in an image with just dots. I could not get this idea out of the head. I kept thinking about Pointillism and so I finally gave in and tried it. And it is fun. It is not a quick project, but it is unique and a fun way to get coloring with your markers.

coloring with markers
download here

I’m using Tombows Dual brush pens today, but you can use any marker or gel pen you might already own for this technique. And you don’t really need very many colors for this technique, you can achieve a nice gradient in shading with just a handful of colors. I also talk about a few color combinations that I use for the flowers and leaves. Watch the video to learn a few tricks and tips on how to successfully color your art with just dots. Here is a closer look at the finished page, the big purple flowers are my favorite ones. The high contrast between the center and petals works well there.  FOLLOW ME:  INSTAGRAM, TWITTERBLOGLOVINFACEBOOKPINTEREST Below is a link to the Adult Coloring page I color in the video,       If you like adult coloring, I have a many Adult Coloring Pages pinned on Pinterest. Follow my board below! Follow Smitha Katti’s board Adult Coloring Pages on Pinterest If you try this technique, do leave a comment below and share it with me! Also, let me know if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see me color next!

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  1. Just found your site…and love it….what an interesting technique! will be trying it out for sure! Makes a very pretty effect. Thanks for the share and the free pages to print – very generous of you!

  2. I am sending your free printables to my daughter. She is 28 yrs and had a stroke that she is
    recovering from. Colouring helps her to come back to life.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Kindly, Susan in Sweden.

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