Tape Resist Painting Cards: 3 easy examples

Today I’m sharing an easy step-by-step tutorial + Video for creating a Tape Resist Painting. Create beautiful colorful backgrounds for cards or bookmarks. This technique is super fun for kids to enjoy as well!

This is an easy Watercolor Technique that uses Masking Tape to resist the paint. You get to play with paint and create fun rainbow art with contrasting white areas in between!

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Tape resist painting smitha katti

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Step by step Tape Resist Painting Tutorial:

Tape resist painting step-by-step tutorial. An easy way to create white line patterns in your art

Total Time: 20 minutes

1. Prep your watercolor paper

Using a low tack masking tape or washi tape, create a pattern on your watercolor paper. Once your pattern is done, tape down all four edges of the paper onto a flat surface to hold it flat.

2. Paint with your watercolors

Apply your paint of choice on top of the tapes! Mix your colors to create a design or use just one solid color. Both of these will turn out beautiful!

3. Peel the tape

Let the paint dry to the touch before slowly peeling off all of the tape.

4. Reveal the masked pattern beneath!


For best results, peel tape as soon as the paint is almost but not completely dry, don’t let the tape sit on the paper for too long!


Tape Resist Painting Video:

Watch the step by step tutorial in video format- Enjoy it on IGTV or YouTube!

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Here’s another example:

In the below example, I was inspired to use the Pantone colors of the year 2021- Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. I love how the tape resist painting easily created these white lines in the pattern!

tape masking note card

Tips for Tape Resist Paintings:

Washi tape resist
  • Try taping fun patterns or designs to create unique one of a kind art.
  • Always tape your paper down for best results and remember to peel the tape before the paint dries too much.
Washi tape resist

Do you have any Tape resist painting tips for me? I’d love for you to leave a comment below down and share them with me!

tombow dual brush pen color chart watercoloring
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