December Daily Interactive Scrap Page

This Holiday Season I have a new, fun crafty series for you! Hope you enjoy all of the Christmas Craft Ideas and try out some yourself.

The first tutorial I have for you is a December Daily. It’s not your typical December Daily Scrapbook Album. Instead, I have a two-page spread all prepared and ready for me, I just need to add a photo every day and some journaling.

If it isn’t easy, it might never get done around here, so I am keeping it, ultra-simple people. I will most probably be using my Instagram photos (@smithakatti) here. I think this will be a fun way for the kids to look back at this season!

december daily

December daily Tutorial:

I am using a digital collection by Carta Bella and made a December Daily Two-page spread from it. Here is how it looked in Photoshop.

december daily digital

Next I printed both pages onto 12 by 12-inch card stock.

And then, I used my Fingertip Detail Knife and acrylic ruler to cut open each flap. The quickest way to do this is to place your ruler, and cut all of the lines on each row at once, then turn the card stock and repeat.

december daily scrapbooking

Once I had all the 25 flaps cut open, it looked like this.

december daily easy

I needed to add another card stock underneath now, and to do that, I used Glue Dot’s Glue lines here. Perfect size for that thin bit of card stock between two flaps 🙂

gluelines web

Now we have the card stock adhered underneath…

december daily instagrammed

I added a few decorations to the page and here is how the final pages look! I love that Santa!

december daily instagrammed

(click on image to see enlarged version)


I have some printed Instagram photos here. I usually print a whole bunch of photos at once, on an 8.5 by 11 semi-glossy photo paper at home itself.

instagram print Web

And my idea for this December Daily is to add one such Instagram photo on the inside of each day’s flap. And then I will some journaling about that day.

peekaboo Web
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    • The photos I have at home and used here are 2 by 2 inches. I think I can use bigger photos, 2.5 by 2.5 inches in size. I might just use the masks and size my photos!

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