Botanical Watercolor Tutorial: How to paint a Doll’s eye plant

Hello friends! Today I’m painting a Botanical Watercolor Illustration of the Doll’s eye plant in my sketchbook and I’ll show you can do it!

Did you know that the Doll’s eye plant is also called the White Baneberry?


Step by step tutorial to paint a Botanical Watercolor of a Doll’s Eye Plant

Total Time: 20 minutes

Start by typing in your plants name and searching for images on Google. I searched for “Doll’s eye plant” and then sketched out the shape using a light pencilmixed media sketchbook

Using your brush pen or watercolors, start painting in the details. I like to start with the focal point- and here the red stalk is the main attraction.draw botanicals

Using a water brush or paint brush of choice, paint over your marker lines to soften them and create the watercolor look and feel. Don’t add too much at this stage, as we want this to dry quickly. botanical watercolor using brush pens

Add more details, in this case a colorful background using more brush pen colors. painting with brush pen

Quickly paint with water to create the watercolor effect.botanical watercolor

Using a fine tip black pen, add in the final details to the watercolor illustration!botanical watercolor dolls eye plant

doll's eye plant watercolor

And that’s our completed Botanical Watercolor! I love painting plants and this one turned out super cute!

Supplies used:

Supplies used

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