Himi Gouache: A new kind of Jelly Paint

Welcome friends! Today I’m sharing an unboxing video! I recently purchased these Himi Gouache Paints– they are not cakes or tubes but come in jelly form in cute little cups. They look intriguing and I can’t wait to open these and play.

I fell in love with the cute aqua color packaging of these jelly paints! I also bought a set of their paintbrushes, because well, they were aqua in color and matched 🙂

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himi gouache paint and brushes

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What all is included in the paint set?

The Himi Gouache paint set I got has this pretty teal box and comes with a palette + 18 jelly cups inside. You can also buy the paints in a yellow, pink or blue container box if you prefer.

Each of the paint cups comes individually protected with a peel-off film. I chose to peel off the film and not retain it all.

The paint comes in a jelly format- kind of like a wiggly peanut butter texture. Many reviewers keep the film, peel off just one edge, use the paint and then place the film back in place for protection. That would probably ensure that the colors stay in their “jelly” form for longer. But I needed to see all the colors out in the open, so I chose to peel and toss the protection film.

What do the paint colors look like on paper?

Once you have all the colors opened, this color palette looks beautiful! It comes with 18 colors- Deep Red, Ochre, Violet, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Black, Ponceau, Earth Yellow, Midlum Yellow, Acid Blue, Grass Green, Burnt Umber, Rose, Lemon Yellow, Titanium White, White, Jade Green, Pale Green.

Yes, there are two whites- they both mix differently with colors!

Since Gouache paint dries matte and can be semi-opaque, I tried out all the colors on black paper too. I simply love the vibrancy of the colors included and they all look so pretty on paper!

How do you use Himi gouache paint? Is it watercolor paint?

Gouache is a paint that is kind of like watercolor, but its’s designs dry opaque, and matte.

It is water-based and paintings made using these are simply called Gouache.

himi gouache paintings:

If you add more water to your paintbrush, you will easily create a watercolor look in your himi gouache paintings. If you just use the paint as is, you will get a more opaque color. It feels a bit like acrylic paints while you paint- but when they dry acrylic paints retain their shine- but gouache will dry matte with no shine.

What paper do you use for gouache?

Watercolor paper works best with gouache, and I used Canson Watercolor paper.

I stock up on this block of paper as it is very economical, beginner-friendly, and can be used in so many ways!

canson watercolor paper

What brushes are good for gouache?

For gouache paints, it is recommended that you use any paintbrush that is made for watercolor or acrylic. I splurged and bought a set of Himi Paintbrushes as well. Just could not resist the pretty aqua color they came in! The set I got, has all Round paintbrushes. I use round paintbrushes the most. They come in sizes 12, 10, 9, 6, and 5. A round 6 is a great brush size for you to have in your supplies, and this one is great!

These brushes are a great price for the quality and I like that the tips are synthetic and easily retain their point and shape.

Is gouache good for beginners?

Gouache works like watercolor and also a bit like acrylics. This particular gouache set is a great one for beginners because it will not break the bank. Most of the good/ great quality gouache paints can be SO expensive.

These HIMI gouache paints let you try gouache and experience it at a much nicer price point.

Do you mix gouache with water? Can you use gouache on canvas?

Yes, gouache is waterbased and you use it with water. Wash your paintbrushes with water later.

Maybe. You can never seal gouache as the pigment colors will reactivate and the entire painting will be spoilt. You will need to frame the canvas with a glass front to preserve your art.

Do Himi Gouache paints dry out?

This is the big question on my mind too! I have just had these paints for under a week, so we shall wait and see.

Currently, I have wrapped the top of the palette with a sheet of plastic wrap and stored it horizontally in a drawer to avoid spillage of colors.

unboxing himi gouache

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Words are nice, photos are better, but really seeing these paints in action in the video is the best! Enjoy my unboxing and himi gouache paintings in my new YouTube video.

Click the video box below or click here to watch the video in HD on Youtube! Also, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel 🙂

himi gouache paintings after 3 months:

After three months, I reopened the HIMI paints and did some lettering! Did the paints stay in jelly form or did they harden? Watch the video below to see!


Overall, I enjoyed using these jelly paints. I’ve only used tubes or cakes before, so having ALL the colors in ready-to-paint form all laid out in rainbow order. When I used tubes, I’m always aware of how much paint I’m squeezing and that paint often dries on the palette. When using cakes, it definitely takes longer to load your paintbrush with paint and adding water to the cakes.

The color range that comes in this set is amazing, I bought the 18 color set. There is also this 24 paint set if you are interested. With either 18 or 24 colors you will definitely be able to create amazing himi gouache paintings of your own!

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