Brea Reese Watercolor Inks Review

Brea Reese watercolor inks are dye-based inks that are great to paint with. Read on below to see how I use them today in my sketchbook. 

Check out this Heart Flower Painting Video in 6 steps where I also use inks to create art in my sketchbook.

Brea Reese Watercolor inks

Happy new year friends! The beginning of a new year comes with a chance to start fresh goals and intentions. My goals for this year are simple- more reading and less phone scrolling.

And my mantra for the year is “Dream big, start small”.

Today, I hand-lettered my mantra for the #GoodTypeTuesday prompt and broke out my new Brea Reese Watercolor inks. Great first painting session of the year!

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase an item via these links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This post is not sponsored and but I did receive the product from Brea Reese to try out. I enjoyed using them today and that’s why I am sharing them with you.


For my sketch today, I used just a handful of the Brea Reese Watercolor inks in my Canson Mixed Media sketchbook.

Here are the exact supplies you will need to recreate this:



These inks come in small plastic bottles, but don’t let the size fool you. You don’t really need much of the ink as the colors are deeply saturated.

Things I love about these inks:

  • These watercolor inks are transparent.
  • They come in beautiful colors that are bright and vibrant.
  • Really rich colors when they come out of the bottle, but you can easily create softer versions by diluting them with water.
  • They have glitter inks as well! I first thought the glitter inks were very glittery, but they dried so soft and almost pearlescent.
  • You can easily mix the colors to create newer hues and shades.
  • One drop of watercolor ink goes a long way.


Watercolor ink Process Video:


First, squeeze a few drops of the Brea Reese watercolor inks into palette wells.

I found that the glitter sank to the bottom of the glitter inks so make sure to give them a quick shake before use. A few drops of each color is all you will need.

For the Watercolor Lettering, I used the black watercolor ink and LOVED it! I am a sucker for black watercolor always. I simply dipped my brush into the ink (without diluting) and brush lettered with my paintbrush. I also painted in my large chunky “big” with the black ink.

The ink goes on smoothly and dries beautifully. No brush stroke marks at all.


I kept my quote simple in color by just using black. But I mixed and matched the font styles to create some interest.

Once I had my quote in place I was ready to surround it with flowers. For my watercolor flowers, I got a little more adventurous and started mixing colors as I went. A little green + blue for my leaves, a little gold with glittery pinks for the flowers- it’s so easy to mix them on the go and create new colors.


I hope this post was helpful for you to see how these Brea Reese watercolor inks look on paper. I really loved my first sketch using these inks and can’t wait to paint more.

Happy Crafting!

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