Easy Heart Flower Painting Video in 6 Steps

Learn how to create an easy Heart Flower Painting using Bombay inks. Great for your sketchbook or wall art.

I love sharing easy flower painting ideas, and today’s heart flower painting tutorial shows you how to paint flowers into a heart shape. Find more More Valentine craft ideas like Free Printable Valentine Cards and 3 FREE Printable Heart Coloring Pages!

Heart Flower Painting tutorial

Heart Flower Painting step by step:

Step by step photo tutorial showing you how to paint a heart flower painting

Total Time: 45 minutes

1. Lightly sketch out a heart shape

Then, start by mixing white + magenta and marking out the centers of your flowers

2. Paint different flowers

Vary the shape and sizes of your flowers- have some larger than the others and some darker than the others. Mix the red, magenta, and white colors to create different tints for each flower.

3. Add in the leaves

With the green color, start by adding outlines. Then add more smaller leaves and vary the types of leaves and the directions of leaves to bring more interest to the illustration.

4. Add more smaller flowers and leaves

Start filling in heart shape by adding smaller flowers, partial flowers and more leavesstep by step painting tutorial

5. Fill in all the white space to define the heart shape

Now, fill in all of the background area of the heart with small green patterns- add lines, dots or any other tiny shapes!Heart Flower Painting smitha katti

6. Add darker finishing details.

Mix the magenta and green to create a darker shade of color and using a smaller paint brush add details onto each of the leaves and flowers. Then use some of the white and add more details. This creates a nice contrast!bombay inks flower

Heart Flower Painting

heart flower painting video:

Pull out your sketchbook and paints and come paint with me! Watch my latest YouTube tutorial – Heart Flower Painting Tutorial using Bombay inks. Click the video box below or head here to watch it on YouTube!

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bombay inks

Supplies used:


  1. The Bombay inks behave basically like liquid watercolors. Except the white and black- which are opaque!
  2. Try not to dip your paintbrush into the bottle, as this will contaminate the Bombay inks. Instead use a paint dropper.
  3. Though these Bombay inks are in liquid form, they come highly pigmented. I was highly impressed at how vivid the colors are. A little ink goes a long way.
  4. Try diluting your inks with water on your palette to create lighter shades.
  5. If you mix in the White Bombay ink with other colors of the Bombay ink you will create a translucent/ opaque mixture as the white is opaque in nature.
  6. In step 5, instead of using the green color, you can swap for a black or any other color for a different look in this heart flower painting.
  7. While adding outlines to the flowers and leaves, make sure that your first layer of paint is dry or tacky to the touch at least. If the paint is still wet, the outline will bleed.
  8. For the darker fine details in step 6, switch to a smaller 00 or 1 round paintbrush. If you feel that is too fine of a paintbrush to control- you can switch to a fine black pen instead!

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