The Very Best Metallic Pens and Markers

I love writing with shimmery glittery pens and in today’s post, I’ve pulled out ALL of my Metallic markers and Metallic pens to share with you. They are all wonderful on their own and you can pick which one suits you best.

I simply cannot resist buying markers! I use them all and enjoy creating marker art in my journals. I also loved sharing The Best Pastel Highlighters with you all- let’s do a metallic pen version today!

Best metallic pens and metallic markers

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What are metallic pens used for?

Metallic pens are great to use while making place cards, they look beautiful when used to do brush lettering as well!

Can you use metallic markers on white paper? Do They work on black paper?

Metallic markers can most definitely be used on both white and black papers. That said, these shimmery colors will look the most dramatic on darker papers.

Gold silver pens

My favorite Metallic Markers and Metallic Pens

Metallic pens and metallic markers

Staedtler Pens:

This set of 5 pens are my favorite! The STAEDTLER pens are brush pens, and are SO beautiful! The set comes with a white pen that is amazing as well. The pens are so juicy and the tip flexible and writing with them is a joy!

Nuvo Glitter Markers:

The Nuvo Glitter Markers are so sparkly! The markers have a bullet tip, and it’s a nice chunky bullet tip that writes bold on the paper.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens:

These pens have been around for ages, they are so popular and for good reason. The pens are shimmery, the ink lasts long and the pens have a nice 0.5mm bullet tip.

Metallic Markers Amazon:

I bought these Mr. Pen- Metallic Markers on a whim, but was so surprised with the pretty colors! A great set of pens, the metallic shimmer is beautiful and the marker tip is firm and nice to write with.

Metallic Markers at Dollar Tree

If you have not checked out all of the Dollar Tree craft supplies– you must! I am constantly surprised with the top notch quality! These pens were AMAZING and if you see them in store grab them because they are hard to find.

Uni-Ball Signo:

The Signo gel pens are long lasting and write beautifully. Great pens to use in journals.

Uni all signo gel pens

Chalkola Metallic Liquid Chalk Markers:

These chalk markers have a slight grainy texture that makes them even more beautiful.

Kuretake Gold Marker:

This has to be the most unique paint pen I’ve used! The ink is a gorgeous matte gold that is a tinge greener than I’d like but so good!

Metallic Pen Comparison Video:

Watch the video:

Which of these are your favorites too? Let me know in the comments!

Best shiny pens on dark paper

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