What You Need For Die Cutting Felt

Friends, did you know Die cutting felt is a possible? I’m here to tell you all about it today! In addition, I’ll be sharing a fun floral notebook project that is so cute and easy to make

Before diving into die cutting felt, make sure to start from the beginning and check out my intro How to use your Die Cutting Machine. For more inspiration, I also have many Notebook Cover Ideas for you to try.

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felt floral notebooks diy

cutting dies for felt

Previously, with the die-cutting machines I had, I needed to crank the handle so hard to try and pass the felt sheets through. With those machines, die cutting felt was not a happy process. However, now with the Crossover 2 die cutting machine, I learned the true joy of die cutting felt in one easy move. This machine uses an additional steel sheet that applies even pressure onto the cutting dies for felt!

Supplies you will need:

felt glue
posey flowers set 1 cutting dies for felt

Die cutting felt Tutorial:

Step by step tutorial for die cutting felt and creating a notebook cover

Total Time: 45 minutes

First, die cut your felt flowers

The Crossover 2 comes with a special metal shim plate that you include in your die sandwich. After that, one run through the die cut machine and you’ll have beautiful felt flowers! metal shim for felt die cutting

Cut and measure felt for your book cover, die cut flowers.

First, measure your felt and cut a rectangle just a tad larger (about 1/4 inch on all sides) for the book cover. Next, die cut a floral pattern design from the cover front as seen below. We’ll call this the floral die cut window.
diecut floral felt

Arrange your die cut inlays

Mix and match your florals and leaves to fill in the die cut floral spaces. After that, take a photo of this arrangement on your phone as a reference. die cut felt flowers

Apply adhesive to the entire book front

Add a an even layer of tacky glue like the MONO multi glue onto the entire book front. adhering felt to paper

Place the felt book cover onto the adhesive

Lift and carefully center your design and place the cover with the die cut windows onto the book cover. Next, fill in all the die cut windows with the different colored felt flowers from step 1. Press down firmly.

die cutting felt easy steps

Let the adhesive set for a few minutes

The tacky glue holds onto the felt quickly, and you will be left with a small felt overhang all around when the book is opened. easy diy notebook felt cover

Trim off the excess felt overhang

Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim off all of the felt overhang to finish off the book.trim excess felt

Die cutting felt

And that’s it, your felt-covered notebooks are ready to use! I absolutely love the felt texture! You might also enjoy seeing how I made stuffed felt flowers, rolled flowers, felt hearts or felt coasters using dies.

There are numerous reasons to love these books. They are cute, the flowers are both adorable and colorful. But above all, the felt begs you to run your hand over it.

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felt covered books
die cutting felt inlay

Tips and Tricks:

  • Make sure to not cut your flower window design too close to the edge. For instance, I found it really difficult to fit the die cut felt into the purple example in step 2)
  • To get a nice flat finish, place a sheet of paper or an old towel on top of the book cover to and press evenly on top all over.

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