DIY Colorful Peacock Costume

A colorful video tutorial showing you how to make a Cardboard Halloween costume – a DIY Peacock Costume with no sewing involved. All you need to do is cut, glue and repeat!

This is a cute recycled craft that is pretty sturdy and easy to make! I particularly love the felt craft part where we get to make these beautiful peacock feathers! Make sure to check out this DIY Rainbow Costume Tutorial too!

DIY peacock

This daughter of mine has dressed as one kind of princess or the other for the past 3 consecutive Halloweens. When she said she wanted to be a peacock and not a princess again, her crafty momma ran with the idea.

DIY Peacock Costume VIDEO:

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Supplies used in this project:

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Cardboard Halloween Costume Tutorial:

Download and print Peacock Feather Template (can be found at the bottom of this post)

Cut out the four layers of the peacock feather from the template. Color 1 is teal, Color 2 is green, Color 3 is a darker blue and Color 4 is the darkest blue.


Using the template as a guide cut out felt shapes using Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears.

Assemble peacock feather: Place color 1 first, then color 2 on top, color three next and finish it off with color 4 right on top. Staple all the layers together in the center.

cut felt

Add a gold sequin with some hot glue to hide the staple. You can use a Jewel adhesive here instead.


Make 26 such Peacock Feathers. This makes a costume to fit a 5 to 6-year-old girl. 

Cut a large piece of cardboard in a rainbow shape. Using an Exacto knife make 4 small cuts into the cardboard for the ribbon. This will help make the cardboard wearable- kinda like a backpack.

Using the Exacto knife or the scissor tip, reinforce those cuts we made for the ribbon. Insert Ribbons.


Cut two pieces of fleece, one a bit larger than the cardboard cut out and one a bit smaller than the cardboard. Place the larger fleece beneath the cardboard and using a spray adhesive fold and adhere the fleece seam all around.


Flip the cardboard over and adhere the other fleece in place.

Arrange and glue down all the Peacock feathers using a Hot Glue gun.

Add extra sequins around the curved edge of the peacock (optional)


Make an extra peacock feather and glue it onto a tiara to make a matching peacock headdress (optional again)

My daughter has absolutely LOVED this peacock costume. I had so much fun making it and if  you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and let me know if you would like to see more videos from me.


Here is how our cardboard halloween costume turned out! Held together with ribbons and glue it turned out perfect and made my daughter smile!

DIY peacock costume
Ribbon Ties
cardboard Halloween costume

FREE Peacock Feather Template

FREE Peacock Feather Template- Click here to download


Now this template and idea is very versatile. I am using felt here because I love felt and I and I love these particular colors.

But you needn’t use just felt- you can use fabric instead or even basic cardstock layered with patterned papers. You can mix and match layers- use some felt, some fabric, and some glitter papers maybe.

Make this your own cardboard halloween costume and get creative. I’m sure the results will be beautiful!


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