Monochromatic Flower Painting tutorial

I love to paint flowers. These Monochromatic Flower Painting have a soft dreamy texture and these illustrations turned out to be some of my favorites!

There is something so carefree about painting loose watercolor florals that is magical. Today I’ll show you how to create a Monochromatic Flower Painting using Watercolor Markers.

smitha katti one color florals Monochromatic Flower Painting

disclaimer: affiliate links have been used below at no extra cost to you. Please read further here. I’m also on the Tombow design team and have been provided these markers. My love for them and the ideas shared here are all my own 🙂

What you will Need:

  • Watercolor paper: I’m using these Strathmore cards today. These are by come pre-scored, folded with matching envelopes.
  • Round brush: Size medium, no 4 or no 6.
  • Blending Palette: I like using a blending palette to mix my watercolor brush colors.
  • Watercolors or Tombow Dual Brush pens

monochromatic flower painting Step by Step Tutorial:

In this lesson, I’ll explain the steps of how you create a Monochromatic Painting and you’ll see how easy it is!

Total Time: 15 minutes


Prepare your palette with four hues of the same color. Here, I’m using 4 shades of red to create a reddish-pink monochromatic painting today of floralsindirect method using tombow pens 2


Paint a simple flower with 5 petals using your first color. Don’t wait for the paint to dry. Instead, pick up the second color and drop a bit of the color into the center of the flower petals. This will add variation to the petal color.
Now add a small branch of leaves to the side. indirect method using tombow pens3


Add another flower and mores leaves. Vary the sizes and shapes of the leaves and petals as you go.
indirect method using tombow pens4


Mix colors on the blending palette itself to create a new hue. By the end of the composition, I like to mix all of my colors together to form a new color.

To make it more interesting, add small dots, leaves or petals with this color in between the florals and leaves. I use my final color for this and fill in any white spaces between floral elements.indirect method using tombow pens5

Now go ahead and create more Monochromatic Paintings in all the colors of the rainbow!

monochromatic flower painting watercolor

The final step is to add more details on top, to keep the illustration interesting. A black pen is great for adding such details on top. I love this Watercolor with Pen technique.

monochromatic flower painting using tombow pens

Monochromatic Painting Flower VIDEO:

Enjoy this Monochromatic Flower Painting VIDEO and paint along with me!

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