10 Watercolor Pen Flowers Easy To Paint!

Hello friends! I’m starting a new sketchbook today and painting some Easy Watercolor Pen Flowers on the first page. I’ll share the step by step tutorial so that you can recreate these too!

I enjoy creating and sharing on this blog easy floral paintings, and today’s tutorial uses a simple Brush Pen or Watercolor Marker to create easy watercolor flowers that are fail proof even for beginners! So let’s start painting!

watercolor pen flowers

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What you will need:

Strathmore mixed media sketchbook 500 series
  • Sketchbook: My new sketchbook is a Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook that has a beautiful softcover!
  • Watercolor pens: I’m using my Tombow Dual Brush Pens here because these are the best Watercolor Brush pens
  • Pencil and Eraser: I used a mechanical pencil for my under sketch
  • Paintbrush or Water Brush: A Round no 4 or no 6 paintbrush or a small water brush works great for this project.
  • Black Pen: To write your name and add details using a fine tip pen like the MONO Drawing Pen 03

Watercolor Pen Flowers Tutorial:

1. When starting with a blank page, instead of directly painting I lightly sketch out the design I have in mind with a light 6H drawing pencil. This is totally optional but helps to make sure your flowers are centered on the page.


2. Start adding color: Apply the Watercolor pen color onto the paper in a flower shape, and then quickly paint over it with water. While painting with water, I keep my paintbrush damp, not too wet. And I use that damp brush to drag the color to form petal shapes.

how to use a watercolor pen to paint simple flowers

3. Add different colors and keep painting over them with water carefully. If you add too much water to the paper you will need to wait for the previous color to dry before adding a new one.

watercolor pen flowers step by step tutorial

4. Mix a few of your colors to create newer tones directly on the page! This way you just use a few markers but are painting with many more colors.

watercolor pen doodles
watercolor pen flowers easy

5. Draw pen lines and add your name in the center carefully to finish of the first page of your sketchbook!

watercolor pen flowers

9 MORE Watercolor Pen Flowers:

Watercolor Pen Flowers with just 2 colors

In this first example below, I use just two colors of Dual brush pens #685 and #443 and mix the colors directly on the paper with my paintbrush This is such an easy way to paint something when you have just a few colors of markers.

simple watercolor florals step by step

Watercolor Pen Flowers with 3 colors

Here I’m using a cute 4 inch Field artist sketchbook that with Dual brush pen colors #755 #925 #098

simple watercolor flowers field artist sketchbook

Watercolor Pen Flowers with 4+ colors

The more colors you add, the more depth you can bring to the flowers. This is a simple floral sketch, that uses brush pen #195 #723 #703 #452.

simple watercolor florals video

This is one of my favorite wild flower paintings ever! I love how this one turned out- with the soft yellow and different greens. The color numbers of brush pens used #177 #195 #133 #703 #743 #755 and #985

simple watercolor florals smitha katti

This color combo of brush pen #126 #403 #743 #985 #676 #192 is so spring themed. I painted these in my moleskine watercolor sketchbook

simple watercolor florals moleskine sketchbook

Feeling blue? Try this Monochromatic Flower Painting technique. I reached for color numbers #491 #493 #403 #452 #535 #528 #346 and simply let the blues run into each other to create something whimsical.

simple watercolor florals color study

Filling a sketchbook page with Watercolor Pen Flowers

My favorite way to relax and destress is so open a blank sketchbook page and simply fill it with easy watercolor pen flowers. There are so many ways to do this, and you will never run out of options!

Fill a page with these Watercolor Roses and Paint along with me!

canson mixed media watercoloring tombow smitha

Make your flowers as colorful like in this Rainbow Floral Watercolor Tutorial

rainbow flower watercolor tutorial

Add a simple quote to your page in this Watercolor quote art Step by step colorful Tutorial

watercolor quote art smitha katti

Large Loose Watercolor Pen Flowers

For this large 11 by 15inch simple watercolor florals I used a large Round 8 paintbrush and simply painted. I taught this one at the recent Pinners Minnesota Conference ! This is a great size to pop into a frame! The colors used are #126 #847 #526 #993 #761

how to paint simple watercolor florals with Smitha Katti

In my Youtube video below I share 7 steps that I follow for all of my simple watercolor floral paintings. I also paint a total of 10 simple watercolor florals all from start to finish so go watch the video! These ideas would be applicable for any floral illustration and are a great starting point.

Painting these watercolor pen flowers is one of my favorite techniques! I have a full-length YouTube video on my channel that shows my painting in action.


easy watercolor pen flowers in your sketchbook
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Hi I’m Smitha! I live in Minnesota with my husband and two daughters. You’ll always find me painting florals in my sketchbook. And I love the sheer joy of making something with just my hands! But my bigger love is capturing it all on camera Read more.

Thanks for stopping by today! If you learnt something from this tutorial, do share this post with a friend or on social media! Tag me @smithakatti #smithakatti I’d love to see what you create!


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