Gouache Paint FAQs + Testing Artist Loft’s 12 pack of colors

I’m reaching into my supplies today to see if I can create more colors with my basic Gouache Paint set. Let’s put brush to paper and explore the Artist Loft’s 12 pack of colors

What does Gouache Paint mean?

Gouache is a paint that is kind of like watercolor, but designed to dry opaque and matte. It is waterbased and painting made using these are simply called Gouache.

How to make your own gouache paint color mixing chart

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Gouache paint Video:

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I have a start to finish video on my YouTube channel that I just uploaded today that shows you how I use these Gouache paints. Click the video box below or head here.

How to create a Gouache Paint Chart:


Step by step instructions showing how to fill in a gouache paint chart.

Total Time: 1 hour

On a piece of heavy watercolor either print, draw, or mask your color chart out. You can grab my FREE PRINTABLE here. Using a black pen, make a note of the Paint set you are using on the paper. Label the rows and columns with either the paint color names or numbers

Squeeze a small amount of the color corresponding to the column and row onto the square. You really need a lot lesser than what you see in my photograph.

Using a clean damp paintbrush for each square, mix the colors to blend completely. Repeat for all the colors. artist loft gouache

Work in small sets of colors. Start adding colors onto the paper for a few squares at a time. The paint will dry on the paper if you do not paint quickly, so adjust your speed accordingly. color mixing chart goache painting

Supplies I’ve Used:


art supplies

Alternate method: Squeeze paint colors onto a palette. Using a clean paintbrush each time, pick up a small amount of the row and column colors and mix them on a clean area of the palette. Apply the mixed blended color to fill the corresponding square in the chart. This method might give you neater results, but might also be a bit more time-consuming.

TIP: Try using a low tack masking tape to divide the squares and get clean crisp paint lines as I did here!

Gouache Paint FAQs

I’ve compiled and answered all the FAQs I’ve got about gouache paint from my social media channels. If you have any other questions for me, leave a comment below 🙂

What is gouache paint used for?

Artists like using gouache paints for their illustrations and paintings. It dries matte which means has no shine or sheen to it when dried which is unique to it. It can also be layered to create unique effects.

Is gouache paint the same as acrylic?

No. Acrylics are creamier and richer and have stabilizers in them. Although both are water-based, acrylic paints are permanent when dry. Gouache can smudge after drying easily.

What paper do you use for gouache?

I always use heavy watercolor paper while painting with gouache.

Does gouache need to be sealed?

No. You should in fact never seal gouache as the pigment colors will get reactivated and the entire painting will be spoilt. Instead use a frame with a glass front to preserve your art.

What is the difference between watercolor and gouache paint

When gouache dries it is opaque- that means you cannot see the paper beneath it. With watercolor the paper texture is easily visible beneath the paint.

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