Printable Color Mixing Chart

Create an easy color mixing chart with me today with this step-by-step tutorial.

First, we get to use the printable color charts to play with color. Filling in those pretty little boxes is so satisfying! Next, I’ll tell you why it is so useful! Also read, Gouache Paint FAQs + Testing Artist Loft’s 12 pack of colors

how to create a color mixing chart

Be sure to share a picture with me if you print it and color these! #smithakatti

How to use color mixture chart

The simplest way to understand color is to create a color mixing chart.

Total Time: 40 minutes

I created a free printable of a 10 color mixing chart and you can download it for free! Scroll to the bottom of this post

10 color chart printable

Using an oil-based black pen write your color numbers in the circle area and also label the rows and columns. Write the color palette name at the top of the page.

Add color into the diamond shape. Apply color to just the tip area as seen below.
diy color mixing chart1

Add a drop of water to with a paintbrush or water brush. diy color mixing chart2

Spread the water with your paintbrush. Let the water absorb the color softly. diy color mixing chart3

Similarly, fill in the entire circle of diamonds in the bottom right corner. This will give you an idea of how the color dries on paper and how it looks when lightened with more water.

Next fill in the row and column labels with color as well. diy color mixing chart4

Add the row color to fill in half of the box and the corresponding column color to fill in the rest of the box. Mix the colors with a damp paintbrush without adding too much water. diy color mixing chart5

To begin, I would recommend working just two or three boxes at a time as the marker color tends to dry on the paper if left long. Above all, it is important to paint over it quickly with the damp paintbrush. diy color mixing chart6

You can fill in row by row or column by column. I found it easier to hold two or three marker colors in my hand and fill in all of those combinations at once. diy color mixing chart47

In conclusion, once you finish all the colors of the chart it will amaze you to see all the new hues you were able to create!dual brush pen watercolor chart 10 color

Don’t stop at one Printable Color Charts, make more!

I love using these printable color charts for my marker sets. I trim it down to fit inside the packaging on the back. This way I can flip the pack over and see what color schemes I can create with those pens and choose a set of colors that suit my mood and what I want to paint.

creating color swatches for your Dual Brush Pens

How I find this color mixing chart useful:

  • You learn how many different colors you can make with the supplies you already have. By mixing colors you explore the secondary and tertiary colors and now have a larger color palette to play with.
  • You are less likely to make colors you dislike. Quickly learn at a glance what color combinations to avoid using in your sketchbook.
  • You can easily determine what colors you are missing and the new colors you need to purchase.


There are two sizes of this printable available below. The first is a half letter size (where you have two charts on one page) and the second is sized to fit onto an A4 size paper.

To fit inside the Tombow Dual Brush Pen, 10- Pack case, I have used the Half letter size.

color chart download
Half letter Size: Click here to download
10 color chart printable
A4 Size: Click here to download

For enjoyable results, try printing these color mixing charts onto a thick 140lb watercolor paper. Make sure to read my blog post with tips for printing on watercolor paper at home.

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canson watercolor paper

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  1. If I want to use this technique and chart to make a watercolor mixing chart, and print on watercolor paper at home, will the watercolors mess up the ink/make it bleed?

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