How To Make A Granny Square Circle Center

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a step by step tutorial that will explain my easy method for a Granny Square Circle Center Pattern. So if you have a circle, we will create corners to make it a square.

One of the most popular crocheting posts on my blog is this Basic Granny Square Pattern. Today we will work on a variation of that, and you will want to start by creating a circle following this easy How to Crochet a Granny Circle Tutorial. In this post, we will learn to add corners and How to turn a circle into a square crochet, also known as crochet circle to square pattern or crochet circle in square pattern.

How to turn a circle into a square crochet

I actually like to carry all of my granny square circle supplies in a clear plastic box- I can easily find everything I need and the square edges of the box allow me easily stack or line up the squares as I make them.

Smitha Crochets granny square circle center pattern

While Granny circles are beautiful to look at, and very easy to crochet, they are difficult to join to make a fabric. Since they have curved edges and no corners or straight edges when joined, you will have gaping holes in the fabric.

If you follow the round granny square pattern below you can easily add corners to your circles to make them squares that are super easy to join into a Granny Square blanket that is colorful and unique.

how to turn a circle into a square crochet

Step by step explanation of a Granny Square circle center pattern with photo images.

  1. Create a Granny Circle. Stop at Round 3.
  2. Now, in any ch space of below circle, insert hook and slip stitch and Ch3 (counts as a dc). Into the same ch space, 2dc, ch2, 3dc. This forms the first corner of our square.
  3. Next, ch1, 3dc into next ch sp below twice.
  4. Now its time to create our second corner. Into the next ch space, 3dc, ch 2, 3dc.

Here is a close up of how each Granny Square Circle corner should look like. This is the most important part to figure out– You have to create 2 clusters of 3 dcs- one cluster for each side of the square with a ch2 between forms the neat corner.


Simply repeat the first four steps around 3 more times till you reach the first corner of the square. You will not need to create a corner (step 4) and instead use a slip stitch to join to the top of the beginning ch 3

And that is how you create your Granny Square Circle Center design.

round granny square pattern TIP:

An easy way to work this pattern- Count how many 3dc clusters your circle has on its outermost row and divide by 4. Here mine has 12 clusters. So that means that we get 12 divided by 4 (a square has 4 sides) = 3 clusters. So that means we need to create a “corner” of our square for every 3 clusters in the circle.

granny-circle-to-square patternjpg

crochet circle in square pattern (crochet circle to square pattern)

And your Granny Square Circle Center block is ready and you can enjoy making these in bulk! I love that you can mix and match colors of your choice to make your own unique circle granny square patterns.

crochet circle in square pattern

Supplies I’ve used:


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