How to Draw Banners in 6 EASY steps with FREE worksheet

Today, you’ll learn How to Draw Banners easily in your journals or sketchbooks! These banners make great cards as well! Sharing both Floral and Fall themed banners today!

I’ve previously shared a Leaf drawing step-by-step tutorial and a Simple floral drawing tutorial that you have all enjoyed. Thank you for the love friends! Banners are so pretty and versatile to use- you can add them to a handmade card or use them to add titles to your journal spreads. A simple banner can add so much detail and beauty to your page and today I’ll show you how a few easy ways that you can draw them.

I’m hoping this How to Draw Banners Tutorial will also inspire you to pull out your notebook and draw 🙂

Watch me draw flowers and more flowers! Follow my YouTube channel HERE:

How to draw banners

You can start practicing these on any paper with any pen or pencil. These simple floral drawings would look great in your sketchbook, dot journal, or planner.

How to Draw Banners: Floral Themed

Flower Banner 1:

Let’s start with a simple flower banner friends. Start by drawing two curved lines, with an equal distance between them. This will be our ribbon. Close the ends of this ribbon with gentle arcs. Draw V notched ribbon ends by following the art but at a little distance. Fill in the rest of the ribbon ends. Doodle the flowers next- start with a circle and then add three or four petals around. Next, the leaves, add simple leaf shapes on either side of the flowers. Vary the leaf shapes slightly and add a few buds falling off the side.


Flower Banner 2:

This flower banner has a little bit more movement to it. Start with two lines again, but the lines are curvy and shaped like a sleeping flattened S. Add little notches behind to show where the ribbon would fold out. And similar to the previous banner, add the V-notched ribbon ends. Start doodling in the flowers, but this time I added a lot more of them. Some large flowers, some half-covered flowers, and some tiny flowers. Similarly, vary the sizes of the leaves too.


Flower Banner 3:

Hand-drawn flowers and banners look cute when they are a bit wonky. Don’t try to perfect the lines! For this floral banner, start with three ribbons parallel to each other. Then add the top and bottom ribbon ending curves in. Create those V-notched ribbon ends by selecting your center point first and then drawing out the V shape. Connect the 3 ribbons by adding arcs behind them. Make sure that these arcs are almost the same width as the ribbons themselves. Doodle in some tiny flowers, leaves, and berries to finish off the banner. This flower banner is great to use while lettering quotes or names!

Once you have practiced these flower banners, have fun coloring them in and adding your words, titles or quotes to the banner area. If you would like to, you can click the link below to grab a handy pdf of this tutorial.

Click here to download a printable guide for these flower banners

How to Draw Banners: Fall Themed!

Adding a fun twist to these banners by making them fall-themed! Just add a pumpkin or two and have fun with these banners. Draw along with me in my How to draw Banners Fall themed YouTube video here. Enjoy!


Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support.

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  1. Unfortunately I didn’t get the time to watch your class during the summer retreat but I greatly appreciate you providing a guide and some instructions here on your web page. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to practice them down the road. I also hope I get a chance to come back and see some of your other tutorials and check out your youtube page.

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