Leaf Drawing Step by Step 10 Simple Ways

Are you looking for easy drawing ideas for your bullet journals or notebooks? Today I’m sharing a few different Leaf Drawing Step by Step tutorials for you. We will learn Leaf drawing in easy few steps!

Drawing with leaves is a great way to decorate a page and be creative. Make sure to also check out these Simple Flower Drawing Tutorial, Mushroom Drawing Tutorial and 20 Flower Doodle Step by Step posts!


Today I have 10 leaf drawing step by step instructions that I hope you will follow along. I’ll start with a few simple leaf designs first:

Leaf Drawing In Easy Steps:

Simple leaf drawing step by step

Start by drawing a leaf outline shape. Draw the centerline next and then add U shapes at an angle on either side of the center vein line.


Oak Leaf Drawing:

Most of my leaves are whimsical, but this one is inspired by an oak leaf. Start by creating the outer shape- think of it as three large U connected and tails at each end. Then mirror that to finish the leaf outline. Don’t worry too much if the leaf isn’t exactly symmetrical. Hand drawn leaves always have some imperfections and that just adds to the charm. Next, add an incomplete center line and then add some small ovals or teardrop shapes to fill in the leaf.

how to doodle oak leaf

Simple Leaf Drawing with details:

This leaf is probably my favorite one and comes with so many possibilities! If you like coloring, this one is so much fun too! Start with a leaf shape outline, add a centerline and then start adding tiny straight lines to fill in each half of the leaf. Space them close or far apart, these lines are very calming to draw. A variation- add straight lines to one side and teardrop shapes to the other half of the leaf (Step 4)

leaf pen illustration

Willow Leaves drawing:

A bunch of leaves is a great way to fill the page easily. It also adds movement to the page because these leaves seem to be dangling or hanging. Start by drawing the centerline, then add small lines to mark where you want your leaves to be. Next, add your leaves angling each pair differently and making the leaves smaller as you go towards the tip.

easy leaf drawing tips

Monstera Leaf Line Drawing:

This leaf is inspired by the monstera leaf and I love how unique it looks. Start by drawing the leaf shape- this time we want to make the leaf much wider than before. Add an incomplete center line that is slightly curved. Then add in the details.

how to draw a monstera leaf

Leaf Drawing with Vine:

A perfect leaf bunch to fill in those corner areas. Start with a small leaf, then add another at an angle. Add small ovals inside each leaf for details. Finish off the leaf bunch with some dots (to represent tiny berries) and a small spiral line.


Whimsical Leaf Line Drawing:

Now let’s start adding more details to our leaves. A great way to do that is to add two lines as an outline. Drawing the second outline to mimic your first one is easy- draw it on the outside or inside your choice. Then add in more details, a center vein, an oval, and then small U shapes around the oval.

doodling botanicals

drawing with leaves:

Start with a teardrop shape and add two lines in the center instead of just one. This emphasizes the center vein. Add in more angled veins onto either side next. Finish off the leaf with half circles drawn on the outside edge of the leaf.

leaf drawing step by step tutorial

Drawing a bunch of leaves:

One of my favorite leaves to draw is a bunch of leaves with some details like this one. Start by drawing the center stem as a curved line. Then add your first leaf at the top. Then add smaller leaves along the stem making sure to add small V shapes to connect them to the stem. Add an oval inside, towards the bottom of each leaf.

leaf line art

Leaf Drawing Cute:

Final leaf for today! For this one, I started by drawing a leaf shape and added a small stem to the bottom of the leaf. Add an inner outline to this. There are many options to this leaf, and feel free to stop at any point and leave it be. At step 3 I added a center vein line then went on to add more veins to either side of that. If you want to add more details add small half-circles along the center vein.


So there you have it! 10 Leaf drawing step by step illustrated for you. I will leave you here today with this video in which you can see me draw a few of these leaves.



I hope you enjoyed this Leaf Drawing Step by step tutorial. I have been drawing illustrations for years now and as much as I love drawing flowers, leaves just add more drama to your illustrations. These leaves can be drawn with a basic black pen or a marker. But I love using the MONO drawing pens– they come in 3 thicknesses 01, 03, and 05.

Also, here is a shoppable list of my favorite drawing supplies!

Leaf Drawing Reference

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  1. So helpful – thank you! My mind always goes kind of blank when I want to draw or paint a leaf and I end up with the exact same leaf shape virtually every time!

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