How to Make Ravana with Cardboard

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to make Ravana with cardboard, but you can easily substitute paper, cardboard, toilet paper rolls or use any craft supplies you have handy at home.

This is a great Dussehra craft for the family, super fun for everybody and you can make it as fancy or as simple as you need it to be

How to make Ravana with Cardboard at home

Why do we celebrate Navratri/ Dussehra?

Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated for 9 nights that end with the tenth day of Dussehra. The 9 days are dedicated to different goddesses,with the first three to Godess Durga, the next three to Goddess Laxmi and the last three to Goddess Saraswati. On the day of Dussehra, Dussehra is celebrated as a festival of good’s victory over evil. It was on this day we celebrate the defeat and killing of Lanka’s evil King Ravana by Lord Rama. If you are interested to learn more about the festival – check out the COHNAs website.

How to make Ravana with Cardboard

Making a cardboard or paper Ravana at home is a great way to talk with kids about Lord Ram, good virtues vs Lord Ravana and his bad virtues.

What you will need:

For this easy Dussehra Craft, you can use any Cardboard box, Glue, Tissue paper, Markers, puffy paint

How to make it:

DIY Paper Ravana

How to Make Ravana with cardboard

Total Time: 15 minutes

1. Trace and cut out ten circles to make the ten heads of Ravana

2. Using a black marker, draw eyes, hair, mustaches, etc to each face. My kids added extra details like fun glasses, beards etc to make each one unique

3. Cut a long strip of cardboard and then glue each of the heads of Ravana in a line

4. Cut out a body shape from the cardboard next and add arms to it if you want to as well.

5. Decorate the body with an orange outfit- either made of tissue paper or cardstock. Add gems, paint, or doodles on top as designs.

6. Finally, cut out a crown and ornaments from gold-colored paper. If you don’t have gold paper, see if you have gold paint or o gold marker.

The symbolism of Burning Ravana

Ravanas are usually made 7 to 10 ft tall and burned in public areas during Dussehra to mark the victory of good over evil. Living in the USA this was a fun Dussehra craft for our family and I let the kids enjoy and decorate the Ravana as they desired.

Lighting the efiigy on flame though is an adult job and needs supervision!

Last year, when we made this craft, in late October itself we had snow on the ground. But it still did not hinder the burning and it was an amazing experience. Definitely give it a try if you have young children at home!

DIY Dussehra Craft

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Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support.

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