How to Use Faber Castell Gelatos

Today I’ll show you two ways in which I enjoy using Faber Castell Gelatos! I’ll also walk you through the step by step of how I made this print colorful today with my gelatos and blend the rainbow colors

Faber Castel Gelatos

What are Gelatos?

The Faber Castell Gelatos look like a tube of lipstick or chapstick really. They are creamy, smooth, bright, and colorful! You can apply them onto the paper and then paint with water. The color then reacts with the water and moves on the paper and lightens beautifully. It is just so much fun to play with these crayons!

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What are Faber-Castell Gelatos used for?

These gelatos can be used to add color to paper, felt, wood etc. Their Faber Castell mixed media products are wonderful. I made this easy, colorful, bright, inspirational quote. Simple coloring with Gelatos

How to use Faber Castell Gelatos

Apply the Gelatos color onto paper. Here I am adding the color over the word “rainbow”. I stated with this purple color and using a really fine brush that I had dipped in water, I carefully picked up some gelato pigment onto my brush and applied onto the letter.

I continued in the rainbow colors to fill out the letters. You can add a little or a lot of water depending on how saturated you want your colors to be. 

A few of these color have a beautiful shine which look amazing in real life!

how to use faber castell gelatos

Once all of your letters have been colored, enjoy this print on  your wall. It is bound to cheer you up on a cloudy day!

Tutorial previously published on the Design Memory Craft Blog.

Are Faber Castell Gelatos permanent?

If you draw with the Gelatos, it will not be permanent. You will need to paint over it with water or some other fluid to “set it” or make it permanent. . 


Here I started by drawing a rainbow onto the felt using the Faber Castell Gelatos. The Gelato drawn rainbow will be sticky to touch on the felt. So I used some gesso to make sure that the color will remain on the felt forever. The gesso also gives a pastel feel to the colors which works well for a kids room

I simply painted the gesso over each color of the rainbow. Here you can see that I have almost all the colors done, except for the purple. 


Gelatos are super fun to use because they are water soluble. They can also add texture if used with a stencil. These are a favorite of mine to use. Check out this Mixed Media Heart Art tutorial where I use these gelatos again.

Since these Gelatos work like watercolors, I’ve also used them for the Watercolor Salt Technique to create easy texture.

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