How to emboss with stencils

Today’s layout has a simple photo but it is a great layout to show you How to Emboss with stencils. This adds lots of texture and is super satisfying to make.


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I printed some elements from Lori’s Kiss Me collection and printed a photo of 4 by 6 inches. My layout is going to be a small one, about 5.5 by 8.5 inches.


How to emboss with stencils:

Lay your stencil onto your cardstock. Tape into place if needed. Apply Embossing paste on top of the stencil and even out. Lift off stencil carefully


Choose your embossing powders. You can use just one color, or mix a few colors to create your own color!


Sprinkle your embossing powder onto the wet embossing paste on the paper. Since I was mixing a few different colors, I used a scrap piece of paper as a spoon here to scoop out my embossing powders.

How to emboss with stencils

Now carefully heat set the embossing powder and enjoy!


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  1. It is cold. Won’t get abot 10F. We have over a foot of snow on the ground. It’s been there for two week or more (seems like forever). Just had another inch added last night. Supposed to get into the 30s and 40s by the weekend. I can’t wait for spring to start showing up. Love your page.

  2. I’m from Texas where we just had 3 days of snow, 2 absolutely gorgeous days in the high 60s and now it is turning cold again. Thanks for sharing your project!

  3. Love your pretty addition of texture! I live in Oregon and am actually stuck at home because we had a foot and a half of snow. A good day to blog hop and make Valentine cookies!

  4. Here in my neck of the woods (Western Colorado), we’ve been stuck with a depressing, drizzling rain for days. Just awful.

  5. This turned out gorgeous! Love the texture you added and the hybrid way you used Lori’s digital files. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The weather in Minnesota is freezing. We will not get above zeor today. Right now it is -4 with a windchill of -17. Way to many freezing days this winter. But the goodside is it is very sunny today.

  7. Here in CA the sun is shining and I am thanking God that I no longer live in snow country! Love your project, especially the stencil work……..I just took a class about stencils…..

  8. oh dear the weather! Will it ever be spring??? We have several feet of snow on the ground and we continue to be in the negative numbers in the mornings. I live in the upper midwest US, in Minnesota. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Our weather is kinda drizzly and overcast, but happy because this might put a little dent in the drought here. Love the layout and tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Nice layout – great balance and just enough color. Here in Oregon we are recovering from the worst snowstorm in years (it rarely snows here – we had eleven inches and everything shut down for three days). Its twenty degrees warmer today, and the snow is melting!

  11. Very sweet layout!
    The weather here is cold (18 degrees high today) and a lot of snow on the ground.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  12. This is gorgeous…love the sentiment but love the photo more…beautiful…and weather..28C during the day and falls to 9 at night..yucky weather I say…

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