Watercolor bookmarks: Easy idea that kids can do! VIDEO

Learn how to create Watercolor Bookmarks using a simple Watercolor Crayon resist technique that will wow you! A super easy and fun technique that even kids can enjoy!

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What you will need:

watercolor bookmarks for kids

Paper Pad, Watercolor | Watercolor Pan Set | Paint Brushes | A White Crayon or Candle | A Paper Trimmer or a pair of Scissors

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Watercolor bookmarks step by step:

Step by step photo + video tutorial to make easy Watercolor Bookmarks

Total Time: 10 minutes

Trim your watercolor paper into bookmarks

Using a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors, cut bookmarks to measure 2 by 7 inches in size. Using a heavy (140lb) watercolor paper here so that the paper won’t easily warp with the paint and water. watercolor bookmarks

Draw your hidden message

Using a white crayon or a candle draw/write your pattern or words onto the bookmarkcrayon resist kids

Paint with watercolors

Next, apply watercolors on top.paint watercolor

Let dry and enjoy!

We made our Watercolor bookmarks colorful and pieces of rainbow art, but this will work even if you use just one color of watercolor paint!watercolor resist bookmarks

How this works:

The crayon or candle is wax-based and sits on the paper first and acts as a resist. As you paint with the watercolors, the white design you drew with the crayon will show

TIP: This works better with darker colored watercolors!

diy watercolor bookmarks

Watercolor Bookmarks Video:

Watch the step step by tutorial of these Watercolor Bookmarks : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMLMETFndBN/?hl=en

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