Easy Leaf Inspirational Quote for your journal

Hello friends! I’m sharing a beautiful Leaf inspirational quote for your journal today!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a leaf inspirational quote for your journal in a few easy steps. I also share some tips and tricks at the bottom of this post! So I hope you pull out your sketchbook/ journal and create along with me.

You all know I love writing down quotes and today I am painting a quote with acrylic paint! This post was created in partnership with DecoArt. I love their products and sharing creative ways to use them.


Step by Step Tutorial:

I’m a visual person, so this tutorial is photo-heavy friends! I always feel that an image can explain much more than words.

Let’s start by sketching out our quote with a light pencil. Move your letters around until you have a pleasing composition.

Don’t you love this pun leaf quote?


Next, mask off the facing page edges with some washi tape all around the four sides. Paint in the center of the page with the black base coat paint. I used the Enchanted Ultra Black Basecoat paint here. Covering a white page with black paint is so super satisfying!

While the black base coat dries, let start painting in our quote. Using a No 4 round paintbrush, slowly trace the pencil sketch. This black paint has a rich matte finish that looks great on white paper!


Now let’s get leafy! Slowly paint simple leaf shapes using the Americana Enchanted paint. It works like magic! The paint looks white and translucent in the bottle, but the minute it lands on the black base coat it becomes this shiny pretty green. Make sure to shake your paint bottle well before painting though!

Fill in the left over area now with some larger leaf shapes using the Enchanted Shimmer paint. Again this paint doesn’t look like much in the bottle, but once it sits on top of the black base coat, it turns all shimmery green!


Below you can see how different and beautiful the two kinds of paints are. Painting green shimmery and shiny leaves on black paper is now my new favorite thing to do.


All Done!

And here is how the leaf Inspirational quote for your journal will look! The hardest part of this craft really is waiting for the paint dry!

Loving the contrast of the black + green leaf spread vs the white quote page. This definitely turned out to be one of my favorite Quote art pages!

leaf Inspirational quote for your journal

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Tips and Tricks:

  • One big tip while painting a page black. Use not one, but two bowls of water to clean your brush off! After painting with the black, first, wash your brush in the black water to remove most of the paint. Then rinse in the white water to finish off.
  • While painting letters and alphabets with a paintbrush, I often find it necessary to go in with a black pen and outline my letters to give a neat look. This takes just a few minutes but makes a world of a difference!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial friends! A big thank you to Deco Art for partnering with me for this post! Americana Enchanted and Enchanted Shimmer now Available at Michaels! Don’t forget to get that Ultra Black Basecoat paint, it is such a great matte black color!

deco art enchanted shimmer paints
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