I Wanna Make A Blankie Yarn:

This might be the biggest skein of yarn I’ve ever seen! And true to its name, the I Wanna Make a Blankie Yarn definitely makes me want to sit down and start making a blanket!

I love Knitting and Crocheting and can never say no to a skein of pretty yarn. This Lion Brand Yarns I wanna make a Blankie yarn is an enormous skein of yarn. The promise is that you can complete a blankie using just this one skein of yarn. I can’t wait to get started!


lion brand yarn i wanna make a blankie yarn

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I wanna make a blankie yarn details:

Last week, I purchased the I wanna make a blankie yarn in the Pearl Grey colorway online and picked it up at my local Walmart. Initially, the yarn was advertised to be sold in Walmart only. I just checked online and was able to find it for the same price on Amazon. Click here to find it. Prime is definitely my favorite way of shopping, so I am so happy about this πŸ™‚

The I wanna make a blankie yarn is a Super Bulky 6 yarn. The recommended needle size for Knitting is an 11 (8mm) and Crocheting is a N-13 (9mm) hook. One skein comes with a whopping 437yds of yarn!

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Sample Swatches

I worked up a quick swatch sample of the yarn that you can see below. For the Knit swatch, I used a size 11 straight needle but for the Crochet swatch I ended up using the size L (8mm) hook because that was all I could find at home. I do have a size N needle that is most likely hiding in some half-finished project bag, has that ever happened to you?

Based on the swatches, I would say whether you are knitting or crocheting a 9mm size needle/hook would work well. If you only own a 10mm needle/hook at home I feel that would work just fine. Try not to use a smaller 8mm size, as that just makes the fabric too close-knit.

Is the yarn worth buying?


  • You can make an entire blankie with just one skein of yarn. No hassle of buying 5 skeins of yarn and trying to match the color/dye lot. I simply love this idea!
  • You don’t have to join or tie or join yarn in the middle of the blanket! I just started my project using this yarn and I am hoping the entire skein is one run without any joins.
  • The yarn is a super bulky 6 size and works up quickly. This should be a quick weekend project making it perfect for any last-minute gift projects.


  • It’s a large skein of yarn guys, that won’t be easy to carry around mid-project, but would still make a perfect sit down and watch Netflix while knitting project.
  • Price-wise, this isn’t a cheap skein of yarn. I would say the price would be equivalent to 5 or 10 smaller skeins of yarn.
lion brand yarn i wanna make a blankie

I would definitely say the yarn is worth buying. The yarn is super soft to the touch and I am sure it will make a snuggly blankie! That I can make something as large as a blankie using just one skein of yarn tickles me pink.

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What do you think guys? Would you buy this yarn? Let me know in the comments below. Happy crafting!

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  1. I’m on my 3rd ball of this yarn, all 3 have had tie together knots. At least 4 or 5 in each ball. And i would pull on them and they would come apart. So I just started cutting the knots out and rejoining the yarn. So lots of tails to work in. This is the only con I have come across. I purchased 3 balls to make 2 blankets. Increased the stitch count from 86 to 120. I am knitting mine. For Christmas presents this year for friends.
    The yarn is very soft and the blankets work up fast.
    Tammy D in WV

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