How to Paint a Watercolor Splash

Try painting with your watercolors without using a paintbrush in this easy Watercolor Splash Tutorial! The colors bleed slowly with the water spray and it is super cool to see the process happen.

Let’s explore watercoloring a bit more today. Continuing with more rainbow art today I’ll show you how to create a Watercolor Splash. If you enjoyed my previous Watercolor Salt Technique, I am sure you will enjoy today’s tutorial too!

Watercolor splash tutorial
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Supplies You will Need:

Step by step Watercolor Splash Tutorial:

This is a super fun way to have your watercolor bleed into each other to create a flowy splash like look! A very quick technique can be completed in under 10 minutes

1. Tape down your watercolor paper

It is very imperative that you use a good quality thick watercolor paper that can withstand all the water we add. And even more importantly, you need to tape down your paper to your table or a cutting board or any flat surface. This allows the color to pool and prevents the paper from warping. You’ll see this in the video above.

Watercolor splash tutorial1

2. Apply your color to the paper

I’m using brush pens but you can use watercolor tubes or cakes here as well. Apply the color in a rainbow order. I used triangles to create pointy edges of color, but this technique would work with even scribbles of color really

Watercolor splash tutorial2

3. Lightly spray with water

Quickly, before the pigment dries on the paper, apply an light even spray of water onto the paper. I used a small water mister and held it about 6 to 8 inches above the paper.

Watercolor splash tutorial3

4. Spray more and more water

Now go ahead and spray more and more water onto the paper, and watch the colors spread and start to blend softly! The more water you add, the more flowy your watercolor splash will be. If you add lesser water with the spray, you will have a more controlled and harsh watercolor splash.

spray with water rainbow

5. Let the colors blend naturally

Stop spraying once you see the colors starting to meet and create newer in between hues. Let this stay flat till the water dries off and the paper is dry to the touch.

watercolor wash splash

Once you are certain the paper has dried, carefully peel off the masking tape to reveal a watercolor splash! The paper should remain flat as well and the rainbow colors pop off the page.

rainbow watercolor easy

Watercolor splash tutorial video on IGTV: Watch now!

Watercolor Splash Video:

Tips and Tricks:

  • This Watercolor Splash Technique works well in rainbow order of colors of course, but if you choose a different color palette- make sure that the adjacent colors wont mix to make a muddy brown.
  • Try this technique with a gold or shimmery silver color, white and a grey or black to create a unique marble like effect.
  • To help speed up the drying process, I used a heat gun. The air from the heat gun also helps you direct and push the color around a bit as you wish.
  • Try not to move your piece till it dries completely. This means that if you are planning to use a heat tool, make sure it is plugged and can reach your paper beforehand.
  • Make sure to tape your paper down!! In the video I tried this technique without taping the paper in place. The watery colors had no where to pool and just ran off the paper! Learn from my mistake and save some frustration 🙂
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