The 100 Day Project Recap: A wonderful way to improve your skill

Hello friends! Here is the 100 day project recap: I chose rainbows as my inspiration and tried creating something colorful everyday for 100 days. Read below how I fared. Spoiler, it ended well 🙂

In the wave of corona virus, this was a good project to keep me motivated and creative. It did take me way more than 100 days to complete, as I took many weekends off, but I persevered and saw it through. And now I have a great collection of rainbows to look back onto 🙂

What is the 100 day Project?

The 100 day project is a global challenge created by Elle Luna. You can read more about it here.

The idea is simple: Anyone can join, choose a project, do it every day for 100 days, and share their process on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject.

My 100 day project: #100daysofrainbow🌈 

The 100 day project recap in pictures makes me smile for sure. These are just a few of my favorites from this project. Everyday I sat down, and created a new rainbow!

Many creatives joined in with their rainbows along the way, see them all here on Instagram.

Choosing your project topic:

Choose an art skill you have tried before and want to develop further, something that you are passionate about. Trying out something absolutely new can be tricky- it could be a hit or a miss! It also needs to be something that does not take too much time to complete each day.

A few examples: watercolor florals, procreate illustrations, line art, floral art, quote art etc.

I would also suggest you think storage and space at this point. Like if you were to paint a small canvas a day, do you have the space to store those 100 canvases? Or would you want to sell them? Maybe switch to painting small squares of paper instead? Think through your idea for a few days before committing.


Tips for completing the entire 100 days

  1. Make it public: This is the first thing I do once I have a solid idea. I create a unique hashtag, and then post on social media. This allows me share and track my progress while having some accountability.
  2. Find a friend– I messages my friend Katie and asked her if she was doing a 100 day project. When she said yes, I thought it would be great to do a shared hashtag and hence #100daysofrainbows🌈  came to be. Doing this challenge along with a friend was way more fun than doing it alone.
  3. Limit your supplies: Keep it simple by pre selecting a handful of art supplies that you can reach for daily. If you have too many options to choose from each day, you will waste more time choosing than creating.
  4. Designate a time to create: For me, my favorite time to create in spring is around 3 to 5pm when the sun is streaming onto my kitchen table. I usually have dinner simmering and that there is my time to paint before the chaos of dinner time and bedtime starts. If I didn’t get to paint then (or earlier in the day), chances are I will skip that day and catch up the next day.
  5. Give yourself a lot of grace– Even with the best intentions, you might have to skip a few days here and there. Life happens. What is important is that you pick up where you stopped, be it a day later or a week later. Remember this is your 100 day project and can go at the speed you wish it to.
  6. Enjoy the process– This is crucial! The idea of this project is that you explore, learn and discover a new technique or skill. Or perhaps delve deeper into a skill you are already fluent in. Either way, you won’t create a piece of art each day that you love 100%. There will be flubs and oopses along the way and that is how you will learn something new. It’s all part of the project, so enjoy the process, enjoy that time you get o spend with your art supplies. Enjoy that “me time”
  7. Don’t quit! You will hit a slump eventually, but you just need to work through it. The first few days will be fun, since you will be full of ideas! Then towards the middle you might run out of ideas, but you have by then developed a habit of creating everyday. So do just that. Sit down, and create something- repurpose an idea, put a spin on it or just start creating and you might stumble onto something you like.

Grab a free 100 day challenge tracker

Before you embark on your 100 day project, head here to download and print my FREE tracker to help -well- keep you on track!

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