Create Colorful Doodle Ideas: 5 easy ideas + VIDEO!

Take a creative break, pull out your markers, and just doodle! I’m sharing 5 Colorful Doodle Ideas that are fun and have made me smile. I hope you try them out too!

Easy Colorful Doodles can be drawn by anybody- you need no creative experience at all! For more inspiration check out these Simple Flower Drawing Tutorial, 20 Flower Doodles Step by Step or Leaf Drawing Tutorials!

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5 Colorful Doodles:

1. Rainbow wonky circles.

For this example, I used ALL of the TwinTone Markers and just simply scribbled wonky circles. Go in rainbow order and you won’t be disappointed.

rainbow colorful doodles

2. Geometric pattern.

I used the dot grid to establish an easy pattern with the blue and then filled in areas. I used Tombow Dual Brush Pen colors and picked them off of a blending palette with a Blender pen. All linked below. On the facing side, I painted a black background and added gel pen designs on top.

colorful doodles using paint

3. Marker Floral art.

Here I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens as markers, and with the brush tip of the pen, I simply doodled flower shapes to fill the page. So much fun and I love the floral vibe!

colorful doodles marker floral

4. Rainbow Brush Stroke art.

Simply use your paintbrush strokes to create colorful art. Remember, the Archer and Olive notebooks won’t work for direct watercoloring. You will need to use a blending palette to lift your colors in an Indirect method. Watch the video to see it.


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5. Watercolor Floral doodles.

Create a monochrome watercolor doodle using two or three colors. This is such a simple idea, and the color variation adds a nice interest to the doodles.

watercolor doodles

So there you have it, friends! Some colorful doodles that have been cheering me up these days! Let me know which one of these you are most likely to recreate in the comments below.


Did you find this tutorial for Colorful Doodle Ideas helpful? What are some of your favorite doodles? Have you tried any other tutorial here on Smiling Colors? Leave a comment below and I’d love to chat!

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