10+ Scrapbooking Ideas with Free ebook!

Here are 10+ Easy Scrapbooking Ideas for you to try! Also, introducing my first ebook! Download it now (at the bottom of this post) and enjoy.

Sharing simple Scrapbooking Ideas. I love taking photos, telling stories and preserving memories, because these fleeting moments with our loved ones are actually the most precious things in life.

Memory keeping has always been a part of my life. As a kid, I remember my dad taking photos of us kids and then writing a small note about the photo on the back of it. After him, the documentation of life passed onto me and I always took photos, made collages and displayed them in Scrapbook albums or on the wall.

If you are like me and are looking for easy Scrapbooking Ideas to document those memories, I hope todays post inspires you!

How do you make a Scrapbook page step by step?

Today I will walk you through my process of How to make scrapbook step by step

how to make scrapbook step by step
  1. Select 2 horizontal 4 by 6 inches photographs. Crop one of them to measure 4 by 4.25 inches.
  2. Cut a patterned paper to measure 5 by 12 inches. and another to measure 3.5 by 12 inches. Adhere to the cardstock, leaving 1 inch on the top as seen.
  3. Cut plain paper to measure 8 by 3 inches, and matt it with patterned paper. Round corners as seen.
  4. Adhere to the photos, and run a ribbon below them.
  5. Add a BIG title.
  6. Either draw snowflakes freehand or use a stencil. Place different size snowflakes all around the pages. Place a few dots randomly too. Here I used different textures as well. I have some snowflakes using a silver pen, some using a white color pencil and some using a Dauble ink.
  7. Let the inks dry for a few minutes. Meanwhile, fill in your journalling.
  8. Use a glaze pen to write over the snowflakes to give dimension. Write slowly, because the slower you write the more dimension effect you will get.
  9. Dust some crystal snow over one or two snowflakes.

10+ EASY scrapbook page ideas

Birthday Scrapbooking Ideas

Make a Birthday scrapbook page- Create a layered special keepsake page that can be treasured for years to come

ONE edit web

Pregnancy Scrapbook Page

Here is a Pregnancy Scrapbook page idea for you – take a selfie photo of you and capture the frame too- and then add pretty papers around it.

pregnancy scrapbook page idea

Baby Scrapbooking ideas:

Sharing a super cute baby scrapbook layout idea! Keep it simple, add a few fabric and gelt touches and let the title and photos say it all!

Our home just grew by two feet!

Baby Scrapbook PAge idea:

For this first layout, I used a couple of different Fiskar border punches on various patterned papers, arranged them to create a background and machine-stitched everything into place here.

flower1 web
4months web

The below layout is titled “love” and I love how emotional the page feels. I created the quilted background with printed paper. I chose all the patterned papers for my paper quilt from a paper pad by My Mind’s eye. All have similar dots and thus have a cohesive feel. I free-hand cut the papers in the shape I wanted, then zig zag stitched in the middle, and gave a border stitch.

love2 web
love web1

Paper Punch Scrapbooking ideas:

To create this quilt look, I used the Jenni Bowlin Quilt Star punch!


For this layout- I used few different patterned papers- but all of them in the same neutral blue/green color palette. Then I glued down the punched shapes to form a grid. A super simple way to add color and interest to your layout!

the new us closeup web
paper punch scrapbook page idea

Fall Scrapbooking ideas

Create a fun textured Fall Scrapbook Layout with fun colors, leaves, and of course your favorite photographs!

I chose a variety of textures and materials here- canvas, vellum, patterned paper, corrugated paper, burlap, felt, cork, glitter paper, and copper metal sheets.

fall scrapbook page idea

This is a photograph of me and my mom that my husband took last year. I absolutely love the way he has captured the happiness of the season in the photograph.

yellow leaves web

Pocket Scrapbooking Ideas

Create a Single Colored Page: Here I chose purple and this whole spread is kinda echoing that thought. My daughter, who loves everything pink, has decided that purple is her new favorite color now.


Create lots of White Spaces for Journaling: The contrast of busy photos against white journaling space makes this page pop.

pocket scrapbooking

Add your handwriting: It can be messy scrawls, but write down those words! In the future you will want to see how you used to write things down.

PLweek9 b

Add your kid’s artwork/ drawings: This is my favorite thing to do- I trim down artwork, coloring pages, or crafts the kids made to 4 by 6 inches and tuck them into the pocket!


Create Fun interactive elements: Here is a photo of my daughter playing peekaboo. I actually sewed/washi-taped a 4 by 6 pocket around the photo so it’s a flap now…


Go Digital: If a paper is not for you, easily switch to Digital Scrapbooking in the same format.

5 SmithaKatti web

Scrapbook ideas Using Studio Calico kits!

You all know that I finally caved in and bought my first ever Studio Calico kit last month right? I love how pretty and co ordinated all the items are and they inspire you with the best scrapbooking ideas

You will need a few basic staples to start implementing these scrapbooking ideas. Check out my previous post: What Do You Need For Scrapbooking?

FREE Scrapooking Ideas ebook:


Click here to download this iBook from the iBookstore

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