Brioche stitch scarf

brioche stitch scarf

If you enjoy Knitting and enjoy trying new things- The Brioche Stitch Scarf is a really fun project for you.

I made this Knitted scarf for my husband in two tones- red and charcoal grey, using double pointed needles.

brioche stitch scarf

The story of this scarf: So this scarf is one of the.most.complex.scarves I have ever knitted. And I have made a lot of scarves. This is a reversible scarf- red on one side and grey on the other, with a very “tweed” like look. This one is made on a double pointed needle and you actually are knitting each row twice- once with the red yarn and once with the grey yarn…


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  1. Love this post. First time on your blog felt the love by seeing your husband wearing the beautiful scarf you made with for him. He looks proud and happy and LOVED!

  2. Just amazing. You inspire me lot..I love your knitting esp. The tiny hats that you make for your kiddos.. I too would love to learn to knit.. hoping for a simple and easy tute from u..:) thanks for inspiring..

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