How to Make Homemade Finger Paint

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers or any kid, is an easy rainy-day craft, that uses just a few common kitchen ingredients. It is edible, and so much fun to both make and play with!

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Homemade Finger Paints

We were looking for a fun activity to do with our toddlers. Homemade Finger paint is a great way to encourage creativity and explore new textures. Everything you need to make these paints come from the kitchen, and the result is something that is safe if eaten by kids.


During the past few weeks, there were a lot of germs in this house, and thus a lot of Mommy and me crafting. Sitting down to color with our old crayons and pencils was no longer engaging or interesting. So I had to think out of the box and make something new for the kids to color with – but it had to be made with ingredients and supplies I already had at home.

We made our Homemade Finger Paint and here’s how 🙂

how do you make finger paint For Toddlers

You need only two ingredients: All purpose flour and food coloring.

I used 1 cup of all purpose flour here. Slowly pour in slightly warm water into the flour while stirring with a spoon. You can add hot water instead- if your toddlers are not helping. Once you have a paint like consistency, divide the paste into portions and add food coloring.

You can store these homemade finger paints in plastic containers with lids for a few days in the fridge without them spoiling. When you are ready to use them again, jus let the paints come to room temperature by thawing on a counter for an hour or two.

finger paint for toddlers

My 3yr old loved our Homemade Finger paints! Absolutely loved it!  She loved mixing and making the paints herself. She loved the actual painting. This project easily kept her engaged for upto 2 hours. Win!

On the other hand, the resident 19 month 19-month-old was not one bit impressed by the hand-painting idea. She looked at me like I was crazy.

In hindsight, it totally makes sense. This one is the cleanliness monitor of the house- she will go throw the wrapper in the trash before she eats the cheese. Making your fingers yucky to paint was not her thing. She did lick her finger and taste test the paint though 🙂

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Conclusion: finger paint for kids

Homemade Finger Paint for kids is very easy to make, I promise you it is much easier than you think! These finger paints for kids are such a fun sensory activity that allows the kids to get their hands and fingers messy while exploring art.

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  1. I have never made my own paint but it looks like a pretty easy project. I might have to give it a try. Those tulips are beautiful!

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