Die cutting fabric: How to Iron on fabric shapes

Die cutting fabric is a quick way to use up your fabric scraps. In today’s post learn how to iron on fabric to a shirt for a quick makeover. And if you need a refresher, check out my intro to your Die Cutting Machine post!

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how to iron on fabric to shirt

What is die cutting fabric?

Instead of using a ruler and a pair of scissors, you can use a die cutting machine to make precise cuts of fabric! This is especially handy when making a puff quilt, quilt with triangles, a Rainbow quilt with drunkards path design, or using face mask dies to mass produce masks at home

Supplies for die cutting fabric:

die cut fabric tips
large butterfly fabric die cutting set

How do you die cut fabric?

A step by step tutorial walking you through the steps of die cutting fabric and iron-on heat transfer

Total Time: 1 hour

Cut your fabric scraps to size

Cut fabric to be slightly larger than the die size. Choose different colors for the layers of the butterfly. Make sure to have double the amount of fabric as you will need to cut two of each of the butterfly wings. fabric scrap

Iron on the heat transfer adhesive onto each fabric piece

Iron on adhesive to the back of each fabric piece. Follow instructions on the packet of the adhesive you are using. iron on heat transfer

Create your die cut sandwich

Create you die cut sandwich with the Large Metal Adaptor Plate in between touching the die-cut edge. diy t shirt makeover with fabric die cut

Die cut your fabrics

Run your die cut sandwich through the Crossover 2 die cutting machine. I found the setting of 6 to 8 to work perfectly for my fabric. Die cut each part of the butterfly, twice. The iron-on adhesive stabilizes the fabric beautifully!die cutting fabric

Don’t throw away your scraps!

Die cutting fabric is so addictive because it is SO easy! I like to die cut extras while I have all my supplies out. Make sure you have die cut all the layers before you start ironing. how to die cut fabric

Adhere and place your die cuts onto the T shirt

Peel off the adhesive backing, and place each element onto your T shirt. It is basically like you’ve created a fabric sticker with the iron on adhesive and are now sticking it onto the T shirt. No sew fabric die cut makeover

Iron your die cuts onto the T shirt

Iron down the first layer of the die cuts, in this case the larger butterfly wings. Make sure to center your design and go over each area with the iron for at least 30 secs at the recommended temperature settings. iron on heat transfer T shirt

Add the details on top and iron again

Add the second layer of fabric die cuts on top and iron again. In a quick few minutes, you will have butterfly adhered to your T shirt!iron on fabric die cuts

Add the antennae to finish the butterfly

The die cut butterfly needed antennae, and I just cut a few strips from the ironed on fabric scraps using my scissors. You could embroider the antennae or use a fabric marker instead too. large butterfly die cut

All done!

You guys, this was such a fun and easy T shirt makeover!! I am sure you will enjoy Die cutting fabric, I had my girls help choose the fabrics they wanted to use for each layer and it was fun crafternoon project for us.

Easy T-shirt makeover with iron-on transfer
how to iron on fabric to shirt

Die cutting fabric FAQS

Can you die cut fabric?

Yes!! Die cutting fabric is possible with a steel die cut plate.

How to attach fabric to fabric without sewing

Use an Iron on heat transfer or a no sew glue to adhere your fabric die cuts. It’s quick and simple!

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