Watercolor Crayon Resist

Today I grabbed a white crayon from my daughter’s school supplies to try a Watercolor Crayon Resist, and let me tell you all- this could not be easier! Once you read this tutorial, I am 100% sure you will want to try this yourself.

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watercolor crayon resist

Supplies you will need:

All you need are your sketchbook, watercolors, a paint brush and a white crayon.

Make sure to check a kid friendly version of this technique in this Step by Step Watercolor Bookmarks Tutorial.

Step by step Watercolor Crayon Resist tutorial:

Today I am sketching a flying bird in my sketchbook. For a tutorial on drawing birds check out- How to draw Birds Step by Step

Step by step tutorial of Watercolor Crayon Resist

Total Time: 15 minutes

Use an Oil Based pen to draw/write your design

Using an oil-based pen is essential when you are watercoloring. These pens will NOT bleed with the water. This step is actually optional, in the second example below, I wing it and don’t start with a pen design at all. I explain this in detail in my previous post Watercolor and Pen: How to use them both together.hand lettering quotes mixed media

Erase your pencil marks

If you have a pencil guideline underneath, make sure to erase it before you watercolor. The crayon and hand lettering quotes

Draw with your white crayon for the resist

Wherever you want to keep the paper white, you draw with the white crayon. The crayon will resist the watercolor when we paint over it. white-crayon-watercoloring-bird

Wet the paper

To create a beautiful watercolor blend, I find it easier to wet the entire sketchbook page before bringing the watercolor paint onto it. watercolor quote journal

Apply watercolor onto the paper

Paint your design as you would want- I’m using a rainbow theme and creating a simple watercolor background here white resist watercolor

The crayon will resist the watercolor as you see here. Some of the white crayon might get slightly stained with the watercolor, but it will mostly stay white. You can iron off the white crayon after like I did in my second example below. crayon resist watercolor

watercolor crayon resist Video Tutorial:

Watercolor Crayon Resist Video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAmfzH-n4RO/

I love how pretty the white crayon resist turned out! I did a quick scribble over the feathers, nothing fancy, but it adds to the fluid flight of the bird here. You can draw any design and this technique will work! This is so simple, easy, and inexpensive that even kids can do it and be wowed!

watercolor quote resist
watecolor resist technique

MORE Watercolor Crayon Resist:

Here’s another example,I used a sharp white crayon to draw my flower and leaves and create the Watercolor Crayon Resist here. I then used Tombow Dual Brush Pens for this card and spritzed it with water to blend the colors.

The best part here though- I ironed off the white crayon after the watercolor dried. Simply place a piece of printer paper on top and iron. The crayon will melt, and lift off the card and get onto the printer paper. The card will then have just watercolor on it and NO crayon texture at all.

Once you have mastered and enjoyed this Watercolor Crayon Resist technique, I have more ideas for you!

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