How To Use Iron On Vinyl

Today I’m transforming a plain T-shirt, and let’s explore how to use iron on vinyl with your in Cricut machine

Heat transfer vinyl or iron on vinyl, has adhesive that is heat activated and is a great option for customizing T shirts. Today I will walk you through, step by step and show you how to use iron on vinyl. Check out all of my T shirt makeovers to get more inspiration for your next DIY.

smitha-katti-dream-big t shirt

affiliate links have been used at no extra cost to you. I also received product from Happy Crafters for this post. I LOVED the quality of their product and am hence sharing this post.

Supplies you will need:

Here is a look of the supplies I gathered:

  • A soft cotton T shirt
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl sheets- I used the Mint Glitter heat transfer glitter by Happy Crafters
  • A cutting machine, I am using my Cricut Explore Air 2
  • An iron
  • A soft kitchen towel that is clean
dream big T shirt heat transfer vinyl cricut 1

How to use Iron on vinyl in your Cricut:

1. Select or make your design in Cricut Design Space

Start by choosing your design. I am using this a storage bag design here because it was the right size for a shirt. And I loved the typography here for my Dream Big T shirtdream big T shirt cricut design space

2. Mirror your design

Once you are in Cricut Design space, before you hit cut MAKE SURE that you have MIRRORED your design. If not you will end up recutting and wasting your vinyl. dream big T shirt design space cricut mirror

3. Select the appropriate setting

For my glitter vinyl, I chose the Iron-on setting on my Cricut Explore Air 2 and it worked perfectly!dream big T shirt cricut explore air 2

4. Which side of iron on vinyl goes down?

Place your heat transfer vinyl onto the cutting mat right side down. Here that was glitter side down (the glitter side will also have a protective film on it). After the machine has cut your design and then slowly start peeling off the excess. 

dream big T shirt cutting vinyljpg

5. Weed the cut design

Go slower than you need, and carefully peel off the vinyl to reveal your design. Trim around the design using a pair of scissors.

dream big T shirt vinyl weeding

Using a weeding tool, carefully remove the small bits. I didn’t have too many to weed out, this was a super simple design. Part of the reason why I chose this

how to use iron on vinyl cricut

6. Do you iron directly on the vinyl?

Lay your T shirt on a heat safe surface and iron over the area where you intend to place the vinyl. This is just to warm up and heat and fabric to improve the vinyl adhesion. dream big T shirt diy heat transfer vinyl

Place the glitter vinyl cut onto the center of your T shirt. Take a second to make sure it is aligned properly.

Place a soft clean kitchen towel on top of this and iron for 25- 30 seconds over each letter. 

heat transfer vinyl happy crafters

7. Peel to reveal your transfer!

Once you have finished ironing, carefully peel up one corner to check if the the vinyl has adhered. It not, place the kitchen towel back and iron some more. dream big T shirt

Peel off the protective sheet completely to reveal the design. Turn the shirt inside out and iron on the back side as well. 

glitter vinyl heat transfer

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Conclusion: How to use Iron on vinyl

I absolutely love how this T- shirt turned out and am brimming with more ideas to personalize my kids stuff now. Who knew learning how to use iron on vinyl could be so easy?

dream big T shirt heat transfer glitter vinyl

I hope you enjoyed todays EASY T-shirt Makeover! Step by Step Heat tutorial showing you how to use iron on vinyl on your in Cricut machine to customize a plain T shirt. See you in the comments!

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  1. Loving the green glitter! This is an awesome project and such a fun quote. That font is great too!

  2. Try adding a weeding box around your image before cutting, you won’t waste any vinyl as you weed that way. 🙂

    • that is such a great tip Kit!! Thank you!! Now that you mention it, I went duh, why didnt I think of that?

  3. That font/ design looks fantastic and I love that the letter centers don’t have to be weeded, too. Very cute shirt!

  4. This is such a cute t shirt. I’ve been wanting to get a vinyl cutting machine for a while now. This is pushing me towards it…

  5. That really does looks super easy and I love the weeding tool you have. And I need to go pick that too

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