The Best Cute Pastel Highlighters

I’ve been looking for some Pastel Highlighters and bought a bunch of them over the Back to School sales recently. Let’s open these and try them out together today!

If you’re in search of pastel highlighters to add a touch of color to journal or planner, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve always loved using my Tombow Markers but today I’m testing out a few different highlighters that are all pastel in color and make planning and organizing your month a breeze!

Pastel Highlighter Comparison

Top recommendations best highlighters pen

Pastel tones are great to use in your study notebooks and planners- as the colors are soft and the text is easily readable beneath. There are so many options of colors available, so lets compare a few.

Bic Pastel Highlighters Review


The BIC Brite Liner Grip Pastel Highlighter Set comes with 2 of each color- so 12 pens but only 6 colors. The chisel tip is firm, there is a nice grip area to hold the pen and the cap fits with a soft snick. The 6 colors are unique beautiful pastel colors and the marker barrel color matches the ink color perfectly. I loved this set!!

Bic Pastel Highlighters Review

mildliner pastel highlighters


The Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighters are amazing- the set I have was purchased at Sams club, I’ve linked a similar one above. Each marker has a chisel tip AND a broad marker tip too. The chisel tip is firm and the color options are beautiful and endless!

mildliner pastel highlighters

cute pastel highlighters Erasable

1. Pastel Pilot Frixion Highlighters


The PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Collection Erasable 5-Pack pens are erasable!! That itself is a game changer. The markers have an eraser thing on the bottom and it removes the ink with friction. The erasing part it really nice, but the yellow color was very fluorescent like and not pastel at all. Also the markers felt less juicier than the others.

Pastel Pilot Frixion Highlighters

2. Crayola Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party


The Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party, 6 Count highlighters impressed me the most! The Pastel Party colorway has soft colors that are truly pastel. No neons here. The 6 cute pastel highlighters colors complement each other wonderfully and the clear tip erases or lifts off the color ink from the page.

Crayola Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party

3. Pastel Highlighters Amazon Erasable


The Amazon Basics Erasable Highlighters, Assorted Colors, 12-Pack comes in a non-descript brown box packaging, and though it says 12 pack there are only 6 colors. The image does show only 6 colors, I missed that while purchasing. The chisel tip of these highlighters is soft and bendy, and the 6 colors are not unique- the pinks are too similar. There is a clear tip to erase mistakes, but overall these were underwhelming.

Pastel Highlighters Amazon Erasable

Aesthetic Pastel Highlighters Double Sided


The Drawdart Aesthetic Highlighters, 12 Colors Pastel Double Sided have different colors on each end! Love that there are 12 colors and only 6 pens (I say 5 in the video by mistake). The highlighter colors are beautiful and aesthetic, the chisel tip is firm and works well. The pen tip keeps unscrewing though and can be bothersome. The marker color did bleed through the pages a bit.

Aesthetic Pastel Highlighters Double Sided

Pastel Highlighter Comparison Video:

Watch the video:

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Best Pastel Highlighters

I tested all of these pastel highlighters in my Archer and Olive Notebooks(which have thicker pages), as well as this simple Mint Green Planner (which has thinner pages)

Pastel Highlighters in Mint Green Planner

Overall, the Bic Highlighters and the Take Note Crayola Highlighters had very similar colors of the pastel highlighters and were clear winners for me. Both my middle schoolers will be using the Bic Highlighters, while I try out the Crayola ones- I’ve never used erasable highlighters before! The Zebra Mildliners are of course amazing, but if you buy one set- you might end up collecting them all!

What pastel highlighters have I missed? Which of these are your favorite too? Let me know in the comments!

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