How to Draw with Markers and Colored Pencils

Learn how to draw with markers and colored pencils to create your own illustration!

Hello friends! I’m drawing a cute bird with flowers today and along the way showing you how to draw with markers and colored pencils! It’s a super easy technique that will help you create rich layered colors that look beautiful!


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How to draw with markers and colored pencils

1. Pencil it out:


When you have an idea, grab a pencil and sketch it out. I enjoy my pencil sketch process! It’s always a good idea to lightly draw out what you are planning to color beforehand. Use a 4H grade pencil or mechanical pencil that will be easily erasable.

2. Add soft marker tones:

I like to start by adding a marker color to the paper. But indirectly. I apply the marker color to a Blending Palette and then pick up just a tiny bit of color with the Colorless Blender Pen N00. This allows me to apply a light color onto the paper and have more control over the marker color. Add a base layer of color with soft strokes that mimic the direction of the feathers

3. Color it all in


Once you start layering the color you can go ahead and fill in your entire sketch with the marker color. I like to start with the marker instead of a pencil- it’s quicker to color in larger areas evenly.

4. Add pencil details on top:

To enhance the coloring, I go in with colored pencils and add tiny feather strokes quickly all over to add details and feather texture. You can do add as many details as you have time- have fun here and enjoy the process.

5. Finish off with a pen outline:


how to draw with markers and colored pencils Video:

Enjoy the video of this drawing:

more examples:

In this floral example below, I’ve used Tombow’s ABT Pro alcohol markers with colored pencil details.

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