5 Ways How To Draw A Bird + Worksheet

This month, I am doing a drawing challenge and one of the prompts given was “bird”. I enjoyed sketching out this page so incredibly much and am super excited to show you How to draw a Bird 5 ways now! I have an easy downloadable pdf that you can print and refer to while drawing at the end of this post.

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How to draw a bird tutorial step by step

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5 birds how to draw:

How to draw a Robin Bird

A robin is the cutest bird to draw! Start by drawing one win and then adding a rounded belly around it. Draw the head now using jagged lines to represent the feather texture. Add the beak and then a circle for the eye. Finish off with the tail and scrawny feet!

How to draw a Robin Bird.jpg

How to draw a parrot easily

Let’s see how to draw a bird that is a parrot! This bird has a large beak that is a prominent feature, so let’s start with that. Add a circle for the eye and then around it draw a jagged line and head shape. Add a body beneath, and then add the feet on a branch.

Now comes the fun part. We draw the tail by adding elongated U shapes and layer each one slightly on top of the previous one. In a similar fashion, we need to draw the wings. Add a few layers of feathers here and make each feather slightly unique- maybe a pointed U shape, a squarish U shape, or a rounded U. When you go to color in your parrot the whole rainbow can come alive!

How to draw a parrot bird

How to draw a Blue Jay Bird

Start with the head shape, making sure to add two prominent feathers on top of the head. Then draw the first layer of feathers for the body and then another layer beneath it. Finish off by drawing an eye and feet!

How to draw a blue jay bird

How to draw a Cardinal bird

A red cardinal is easy to draw, the tricky part comes in bringing in all those pretty shades of red. Start by drawing a circle for an eye. Draw a triangle nearby for the beak and then join them all with jagged lines. Then add a body and crown of standing feathers. Finish off with a long decorative tail beneath.

How to draw a cardinal bird

How to draw a Toucan Bird

The toucan bird is easily identifiable by its huge beak, so let’s start there. Draw the beak to have a pointed curvy tip as seen. Then add the body to it, and then add a huge curved shape for the bottom half of the body. Draw scrawny legs and an eye. When you add color to this, you will be amazed at how it comes alive!

How to draw a toucan bird

how to draw the bird step by step pdf

Click here to download the printable guide that you can refer to while drawing in your own sketchbooks.

How do you draw a Bird?

Learning how to draw a bird can be as easy as you want it to be. You can add color with paint or enjoy using colored pencils. When using colored pencils, the texture of the feathers shows up beautifully and enhances the feel of the softness of a bird.

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I hope you found today’s how do you draw a bird tutorial, helpful friends! I’d love to hear back from you in the comments.

Bird reference Images used:

For this How to draw a bird Tutorial, I used these images as references.

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