How to Paint Beautiful Tulips in Watercolor

Spring is in the air, and let’s paint some Tulips in Watercolors in our sketchbooks today! Tulips have a very recognizable leaf and bud shape that is easy to capture on paper.

I love drawing and painting flowers, make sure you check out these popular tutorials- Easy Flower Paintings or Watercolor Flowers Easy and Simple Flower Drawing.

How do you paint tulips in watercolor?

Tulip Watercoloring

Step by Step Tutorial showing you how to paint Tulips in Watercolor. Start with an optional pencil sketch if needed.

Total Time: 20 minutes

1. Paint a petal shape with water first, then drop in your colors slowly. Blend with a damp paint brush and make sure you do not over blend. The watercolor will shift as it dries so keep that in mind. 

2. After you have painted two petal shapes, let it dry. Do not paint more adjacent petals as the colors will bleed into each other.

3. Paint the watercolor leaves next. Apply water with your paintbrush first.

4. Then drop in the greens- a medium green, darker and darkest. This is called the Wet on Wet Watercoloring Technique that allows colors to move freely.

Tulips in Watercolor step by step tutorial

5. Using a damp paint brush add strokes in the direction of the leaf veins to blend the leaf colors slightly.

6. Make sure you to leave a striation of the green colors in the Tulip leaves you paint.

7. Finish the painting by going back to the flower, and painting the rest of the petals!

8. Add and blend the final colors on this Tulips in Watercolor with just a tiny bit of water.

Tulips in Watercolor

Let the paint dry and enjoy your beautiful painting!

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Supplies You Will Need:

Use a sketchbook paper like this Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Pad that has thick paper for best results. Any Watercolor cakes will work here, I’ve used these Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Kit. The Paintbrush I’ve used is a Filbert 2.


Tips for Painting Tulips In Watercolor

How to paint a Tulips in Watercolor

Flowers always make me happy and I can fill endless pages in my sketchbook with pretty flowers. If you’re looking for quick and simple Floral Art idea, may your search end with these Tulip in Watercolor. Please do leave a comment below if you found this tutorial informative. Happy Crafting!

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