30+ Printable Free Bookmarks For Your Readers!

Hello friends! I’m so excited to be sharing with you these Printable Free Bookmarks that you can download and enjoy right away! Always mark your page in the book you are reading and never lose your spot!

If you are a bookworm grab these Bookmarks To Color, Free Book Tracker Printable and check out these DIY Bookmark ideas and never lose your page!

Printable Free Bookmarks

How to Print your bookmarks:

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Beneath each of the bookmarks to print for free, you will find a “Click here to Download” link. When you click, you will open a high-resolution pdf of the bookmark in a new tab of your browser. You can print it directly from there or save it to your computer.

I recommend printing these printable free bookmarks onto cardstock or heavy weight paper for best results.

bookmarks to print for free:

Download and enjoy your choice of Printable Free Bookmarks and will never lose your spot in the book! There are many different designs for you to print down below. Let me know in the comments below which ones you like the best! Share your photos with me on social media @smithakatti #smilingcolors

black and white bookmarks 1

These black and white bookmarks have simple floral drawings that are easy to print and won’t take up too much printer ink.

GET THE FILES: Click here to download | Click here to Pin


black and white bookmarks 2

GET THE FILES: Click here to download | Click here to Pin


colorful bookmarks printable

Love Rainbow art? Enjoy these Colorful Bookmarks Printable to bring a pop of color into your life!

COLORFUL BOOKMARKS: Click here to download

colorful bookmarks printable

Printable Bookmarks with Quotes

The bookmarks below all have positive quotes in them that are inspiring and motivational. These are all reading or book related and I hope you love them!

GET THE FILES: Click here to download | Click here to Pin


free printable bookmarks with quotes pdf

Simple Quotes- “Think Positive”, “Don’t wish for it, work for it”, “Learn to rest, not quit” and “One kind word can change someone’s day”

GET THE FILES: Click here to download | Click here to Pin


printable bookmarks harry potter

Two of my favorite quotes “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices- Dumbledore” and “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve- Ginny Weasley”

GET THE FILES: Click here to download


Printable Butterfly Bookmarks

Simple butterfly designs for readers!

GET THE FILES: Click here to download | Click here to Pin


Printable Spring Bookmarks:

When spring is in the air and all the flowers are in bloom these printable bookmarks would be perfect to mark your page!

Bloom Bookmark Set 1 : Click here to download | Click here to Pin


Bloom Bookmark Set 2Click here to download | Click here to Pin


I hope you enjoy these printable free bookmarks and find a design that suits your mood. Make sure to stop by my blog for more ideas! I share many coloring videos on my YouTube Channel. Here is a playlist with ALL of those videos enjoy!

I also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to printables) and if you are here I hope you found a Printable Free bookmark today!

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  1. Smitha Katti,
    As I loaded down some of your new bookmarks to color, I went back and reviewed quite a few of your older printables. One of my favorites were the watercolor notes in three different colors! Thank you for helping those of us with less talent to be able to enjoy coloring in your designs. Next to crafting, I enjoy reading, so this is a great marriage of the two! Best wishes!

  2. I’ve recently begun downloading your lovely free bookmarks and following your colouring videos. I’m in a bookmark swap and thought I’d send uncoloured bookmarks to my colouring friends, as well as coloured ones, for their enjoyment. I’ll print your website on the back so they can enjoy your site as well :).

  3. My girls and I love to use printable bookmarks as embroidery patterns to then sew into bookmarks! Several of your bookmarks are perfect for an embroidery project! Thank you!

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