Why We Love The Kiwi Tinker Crate Box!

I recently purchased and received our first Kiwi Tinker Crate Box and here is a look at what came inside it, what we thought of it, and whether it was worth the money.

2021 has been the year I’ve scrambled for ideas to keep my kids busy. Occupied, learning, and hopefully not squabbling with each other at the top of their voices. While searching for some kind of kits for the kids, I found the Kiwico website and loved the idea of their Kiwi Tinker crate immediately!

Before I start, here’s a little bit about us. We have two daughters ages 11 and 9 years old and both of them enjoy creative sciences.

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What is Kiwi co?

KiwiCo is a monthly subscription with age-appropriate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects. Every crate explores a different theme designed to spark creativity, thinking, and learning. The boxes inspire kids to see themselves as makers — engineering and creating their own innovative designs and outcomes.

What age is the tinker crate for?

I researched a bit before buying my first kit/subscription and found that for the age group of 9+ years, the Kiwi Tinker Crate was a great option. They have many other different options for younger kids as well.

Kiwi Co also offers various other crates! You can explore them by clicking the links below

Kiwico’s Eureka Crate: Ages 14 and upimage 100292969 14075915 | KiwiCo’s Tinker Crate: Ages 9-16+image 100292969 14075912 | Kiwico’s Doodle Crate: Ages 9-16+image 100292969 14075924 | Kiwico’s Atlas Crate: Ages 6-11image 100292969 14075922
kiwi tinker crate box

What comes in the Kiwi Crate?

The Kiwi Crate box comes with everything you need to make one project. We received the Spin Art crate as our first box and it came with a pamphlet containing detailed step-by-step instructions and all of the supplies to put together the circuit for a Spin Art Machine.

whats in a kiwi co box

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Our kiwI tinker crate review:

What the parents thought of the kit
  • The whole project was very innovative, well designed and had the kids learning new things in a fun way
  • The box came with everything needed including the batteries 🙂
  • The assembling instructions were very kid-friendly and they did not need any adult help putting everything together
  • The box kept both of our kids enthralled and occupied for a good 2 hours +
What the kids thought of the kit
  • Easy to follow the instructions to assemble the Spin Art Machine
  • Got to learn something new: about how to add resistors to make a circuit.
  • Got to build the circuit from scratch
  • You can vary the speed of the spinning
  • Love that the box everything comes in is reused

The kids played with the Spin Art Machine even days after making it. They showed it to their grand parents via video and were enthralled with all that it could do.

I personally loved how many discussions it opened up in their brains. What would happen if we did this instead? Can we use paint that we have at home? How does the spinning happen?

how much does tinker crate cost?

The Kiwi Co Crates start from $19.95 per box and ship for FREE. We pre-pay for the subscription and I initially bought just one Tinker crate with a promo code to try. You can buy subscriptions for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

Once we saw how much fun the kids had with the Kiwi Tinker crate we quickly signed up for a 6-month subscription!

So right now, I’ve paid for 6 boxes, and they will be delivered one per month.

You can pause and cancel the subscription easily depending on your needs.

paint color spin art


If you are interested to try out a KiwiCo Crate for any age, click here.

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KiwiCo. Get 30% Off First Month. Use code LEARN30image 100292969 14486390

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