How to Draw Ganesha Easily: Step By Step Video

Hello, friends, and Happy Ugadi for those of you celebrating! Today I’ve pulled out my sketchbook and am going to show How to Draw Ganesha using just a pen

Ganesha also spelled Ganesh, also called Ganapati, is the elephant-headed Hindu god who is worshipping widely in India. And just like my previous popular posts Simple Flower Drawing, How to Draw a Snowflake and How to Draw a Mandala I will walk you through step by step and show you how to draw Ganesha in your sketchbooks or journals. There is also a printable pdf that you can download for free and then enjoy some quiet art time without your screens!

As an artist, he is also my favorite muse! Check out all of my Ganapati Paintings!

How to draw Ganesha in a sketchbook with a pen


1. Draw the head shape, paying attention to swirling the trunk.

2. Add the ears to each side. Don’t worry too much on making the ears symmetrical, instead make them both unique but similar. The ears will always be in movement and never both in the same exact position.

3. Add a crown. Your crown can be tall, flat, simple or extra detailed.

4. Now add the body, emphasizing a large tummy. Draw hands- one hold is up palm facing giving blessings. The other palm holds a laddoo or sweet in its palm

5. Almost done! Draw legs, in a folded sitting position, add feet. also draw a shawl around the shoulder. Add details to the face.

6. Last step, add tiny details to the jewelry. I like to switch to the thinnest pen I own and draw tiny circles to represent pearls. Add these tiny pearls to the jewelry, to the edges of his shawl and the bottom of the crown.


Click here to download the printable guide

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I hope you enjoyed today’s How to Draw Ganesha Step by Step tutorial + Video. I love drawing Ganeshas on the first page of all of my new sketchbooks! Revered as the obstacle remover, Ganesha is always prayed to before starting any new task, or event.

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