How to Tie Dye shirts and make a party of it!

Learn how to Tie Dye shirts at home and my tips for throwing a colorful Tie Dye Party! Let’s get started!

how to tie dye shirts

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Whether you are throwing a party or just dyeing a few T-shirts at home, I definitely recommend buying a premade kit like this one or this one. The kit comes with everything you will need- the fabric dye, of course, bottles for mixing the dye, rubber bands, and disposable gloves.

what tie dye to buy


tie dye party tips

BUY WHITE T-SHIRTS: To prep for the Tie Dye Party, I started by purchasing white T-shirts. I chose a variety of sizes, and even though this was a kid’s party, I had enough adult sizes T-shirts as well, should any of the parents want to make a shirt of their own (spoiler: all the parents wanted to make shirts of their own too!)

HAVE LOTS OF PLASTIC BAGS FOR THE FINISHED SHIRTS: Once the T-shirts have been dyed, the dye needs to sit for at least 12 hours or more. So make sure you have enough plastic bags for each T-shirt! This way the guests can each take their T-shirts home at the end of the party. I also printed (and later texted each of the moms) instructions on how to set the dye with vinegar.

PREP WORK SURFACES: Our party was outdoors, so we used the patio table, which I covered with a plastic table cloth.

HAVE YOUR GUESTS DRESS TO PLAY WITH COLOR! I made sure to mention this in the invite too.

DECORATE: with a rainbow of colors or a Tie Dye Party set like this one.

tie dye party supplies and prep

how to tie dye shirts

spiral tie dye shirts

Here are the instructions on How to Tie Dye shirts.

  • Add water to your bottles with the dye powder, following the instructions of your kit. Mix thoroughly.
  • Next, use rubber bands to tie your T-shirt. Seen above is the popular and colorful Sprial tie, where you pick up your T-shirt at the center of the front, and then add rubberbands at equal intervals. The rubber band will resist the dye and add streaks of white in a fun pattern!
  • Apply the fabric dye by squeezing the color onto the T-shirt.
  • You can use one color, three colors, or really as many colors as you wish!
  • Apply more dye than you think is necessary, you want the color to seep into the layers of folded T-shirts nicely.
  • Now you need to let the dye sit on the fabric for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours. Ensure that the T-shirt remains wet/moist during that duration by wrapping it up tightly in plastic.


  • Have parents help with the rubber bands and tying of the T-shirts, but let the kids apply whatever dyes they want! The happiness on their faces was everything!
  • Besides the plastic table cover, I also saved up a pile of paper bags, so each kid to use the paper bag to catch the excess dye from their T-shirts. This made for easy clean-up!
tie dye party ideas


  • To set your color better, soak the dyed garment in vinegar for about 30 mins.
  • Then slowly, remove all rubber bands.
  • Rinse out your tie dye shirt completely under warm running water till the water runs clear.
  • Wash the T-shirt in the washer with a small amount of detergent and warm water. Let air dry or in the dryer.


Once you learn how to tie dye shirts, you won’t want to stop at one! The reveal is the best part, as you never know what design or colors you will end up with!

revealing the tie dye shirts


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Learning how to Tie Dye a shirt never gets old! There are so many different ways to tie the shirt (spiral, crumple, stripes, and even ice dyeing!) each with its own unique result. A fun family craft win!

TIP: Tie Dye color options are endless, try a glitter and glow-in-the-dark dye or Celestial colorway next time!

how to throw a tie dye party

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