3 Ganesha Paintings that are colorful and easy to create!

Hello Friends! Today I am sharing a few Ganesha Paintings that I have created. Enjoy!

If you are big devotee of Lord Ganesh, I hope you enjoy these Ganesha Paintings on canvas I am sharing with you all today. Every painting is a piece of my heart and I love how they all came together and thoroughly enjoyed painting it!

Ganesha Painting on canvas in Mixed Media. I simply love how this turned out!

How do you make a Ganesh painting?

In my latest video, I share the full time lapse showing how I used Mixed Media products to make my Ganesha Painting. Click the video box to watch or click here to watch it on Youtube

Ganesha work in progress
Ganesha Canvas
Ganesh Painting ganesha

For this painting I use a whole bunch of Liquitex paints (which I bought on amazon.com– this is not a sponsored post) on a 20 by 24 inch gallery wrapped canvas that I recently bought at Michaels.

There are hidden typography elements in this Ganesha Painting on canvas- like numbers, an ampersand and newsprint. This is who I am right now and I brought a little me into the painting as well.

The Youtube video shows how I created the painting- there is no right or wrong in mixed media- this Ganesha Painting on canvas Timelapse video just shows you my method of creating something like this. I just pick up paint on my brush and go for it.

I absolutely love the way this Ganesha Painting on canvas turned out. I simply love how this turned out! turned out! It makes me happy every time I look at it. My daughter is equally obsessed with this painting and kept talking about it. So I shot a video blurb of what she thinks of the painting and added it to the timelapse. Click here to watch it all.

Ganesha Painting on Canvas 2

This is also a Mixed media canvas– there is paper, paste, paint, gelato and marker/pen work. There are many layers of details and for me that is part of the fun! I first cut out different patterned papers and adhered them onto the canvas. I added the dimension for the jewelry with paste. I then started bringing in color with paint and stencils. I then tied everything together by drawing lots of details with some Faber Castell Big Brush Markers in various different colors.

Ganesha Painting with 3d relief work

A recent painting of mine depicting a Modern Ganesha Mixed Media painting on canvas in soothing blues and greens with touches of bright yellow.

Ganesha relief work
Ganesha Mixed Media

The story of this Ganesha Mixed Media Painting on canvas:  Years ago, when I didn’t dare to call myself an artist, I sketched this particular painting.

I could envision it on a canvas already but I was timid and shy about colors so I actually sat and colored in my sketch carefully.

This canvas measures 30 by 30 inches. It’s a big canvas. I started it lovingly but somehow it got shelved halfway through. This canvas has moved with me to two houses, at least 4 craft studios and I’ve had two kids since then.

Last week, I found the perfect spot for it on our entry way wall and that was the right motivation I needed to finish it! It was about time I finished this painting (that I still LOVED).

So I tacked a few pins onto the wall and hung the unfinished canvas in our entryway. Walking past an unfinished canvas multiple times a day should do the trick.

First, the canvas is primed with white paint and then after that dries the Ganesha design is sketched onto it. Now the details are added- this gives that awesome 3 D look and also adds drama and dimension to the art piece.  

A lot of the outlines have been added using regular white twine. Glue is added and then the twine is guided to sit along the glue lines and dry in position. It’s a lot of work, but the painstaking details are my favorite part of this painting. I will try and make a tutorial of something similar to this next year.

Other details are added by shaping a dough, rolling it, adding impressions and glueing it onto the canvas. The dough itself is something I used to mix myself- 1 part chalk powder, 1 part plaster of paris and enough white glue and just a splash of water to make a soft dough.

Then comes the painting part. Oh lovely color. Rich, bright, vibrant colors are mixed and painted onto the canvas. I love thick acrylic paints and an angled brush to move the paints along and around the twine formations.

Most of the shading and variation in color has been brought about using Gelatos. These are like crayons and have a rich pigment and the color sits on the canvas beautifully. I often find myself using just a dab of water on my fingertips to rub the gelato pigment into the canvas.

All of the details of the Ganesha overflow onto the edges of the canvas. I love the look of this and almost always carry my paintings over the edge onto the thickness/depth of the canvas.

Supplies used:

Ganesha Watercoloring:

Here is a colorful Ganesha Painting I recently created using watercolors. I used this square sketchbook and paints and just sat outside in nature and enjoyed painted!

Ganesha watercolor painting


For me, Ganesha, the elephant headed god depicts color, abundance and prosperity. Since my teenage years I find myself drawing and sketching images of him.

I have been painting Ganeshas (The elephant headed God) for years now but this time I stuck a camera on top of my tripod and recorded the whole process from start to finish. And by far these Ganesha Paintings on canvas is my most favorite, mostly because I embraced my favorite color pink into it.

Thank you for stopping by today and I wish you all a Happy Ganesha Habba! May all your obstacles be removed easily.

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