How to Make an Easy Holiday Card Display

Make this DIY Holiday Card Display using a canvas and some yarn! I love receiving cards in the mail and my kids love adding them to this display. Such a fun way to display cards from loved ones.

December brings so many Christmas Craft Ideas with it, but these simple DIYs for the home are my favorite. Today’s DIY Holiday Card Display is a simple blank canvas idea and as an artist, I always have a stack of these around! You never know when inspiration might strike.

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What you will need: A 16 by 20 inch canvas, Chalkboard paint, Chalk marker, Yarn, Mini Clothespins, small ornaments, and a paintbrush.

If you do not have a blank canvas you can use a wooden plank that you might already have or even try wrapping the yarn around an open wooden frame instead.

DIY Holiday Card Display Youtube Video

I share a quick Youtube Video walking you through the steps of creating a DIY holiday Card Display using a Blank canvas at home. It is easier than you think, and I hope you enjoy this video.

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DIY Holiday Card Display tutorial:

A step by step tutorial showing how to make this DIY Holiday Card Display Tutorial. It takes about 30 minutes to put together, most of it is time waiting for the paint to dry!

  1. Paint your canvas with a color of your choice (of you can leave it as is for a minimal white look). I gave it 2 coats of chalk board paint and let it dry thoroughly.
  2. Add a title like “Happy Holidays” or a Card display. You can Hand letter it using it a Chalk Marker. If you are unsure of lettering, just use alphabet stickers instead!
  3. Wrap yarn around the canvas a couple of times across, tie off tightly. I did not try to and keep my yarn straight, instead simply zig zagged it around the canvas randomly.
  4. Add mini clothespins onto the yarn and decorate with small ornaments.
How to make a holiday card display

NOTE: Once you start adding cards, you might need to move the clothespin around to balance the weight of the cards and adjust as needed.

Try using a larger clothespin if needed, or hot glueing the clothspin onto the yarn for more stability.

I like having the clothespin movable, this way I can fill in the display as the cards come and never have it looking too empty.

diy holiday card display

This DIY Holiday Card Display is so easily customizable. You can paint the canvas any color of your choice to match your decor. You can also change out the ornaments that decorate it each year to match your holiday color theme as needed. I love that this is a craft that you make once but are able to use over and over year after year.

How do you display holiday cards in your home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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