Free Printable Weekly Goals Sheet Planner

Here’s a FREE Weekly goals sheet that you can print at home. Writing down your goals is an incredibly simple way to help you accomplish more in your week.

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These days with the #stayhome our new normal feels anything but normal. Every day, everything takes at least 3 times longer to get done. There are so many interruptions, so many distractions, and so many more chores.

How I use my Weekly Goals Sheet

Two weeks ago, I created a rough draft of this “weekly goals sheet”. We use it as a family project- each person gets a bucket of their own and we keep one bucket for family time and the last one for home (chores, upkeep, etc). It’s kept on the kitchen counter and we each fill it in.

I write down my  5 to 6 goals for the week- like 3 rainbow videos, type 2 blog posts, work out 3 times, read for 45 mins- and now my kids know that these are important to me. If I am working on a blog post- they know that I need to check that off of my weekly goal.

Write down your top 5 to 6 goals. Then get them done. 

You can also use this to keep track of your week by labeling each bucket with the days of the week. Make it work for YOU


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Click here to download the Weekly Goals Grey version


Click here to download the Weekly Goals White version

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