How To Create A Rainbow Pixel Art Tutorial

Learn to create an easy Rainbow Pixel Art design in your sketchbook! It is so calming to paint, square after square just keep adding the colors of the rainbow.

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Rainbow pixel art with watercolors

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How to create your Rainbow Pixel Art

Step by step tutorial for creating an easy rainbow pixel art in a heart shape

Using a pencil, eraser, and ruler draw your shape, I chose a heart here, and then create a grid inside of it. That’s where the ruler comes in handy! This would be much easier if you used a dot-grid journal though 🙂

mono graph pencil 1

With your marker, apply just a touch of color into the center of one of the squares (pixels) and then paint over it with water. You can alternately use colored pencils, crayons, or anything else here.

Watercolor pixel heart 1

You can randomize the colors you add, as I did here, or go in a particular order and create a pattern of a kind.

pixel heart

Once the watercolor has dried, you can go in with an eraser and remove all of those pencil guidelines we drew in the beginning.

DIY rainbow pixel art

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Marker Pixel Art Tutorial:

Here is another version of this Pixel Heart that you can recreate with any markers easily

  1. Sketch out your heart shape. Since this is a pixel heart, you want to use the dot grid on the journal page and draw straight lines to join the dots. No using any curved lines here!
  2. Start coloring in some of the pixels. I started with the lightest color in the pack and then created a small cluster.
  3. Repeat this process with the next few colors. As you start using darker colors, add a few scattered pixels away from your main cluster as well. This will help distribute the color.

Here is how my pixel heart looks in my journal all colored in! I love how vibrant the colors look on the page here. The pixels add such a fun element that reminds me of 90s romantic comedies.


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Pixel Art Video:

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