Passion Planner Review: 7 examples why I love this planner

If you are a planner gal, look no further than the Passion Planner! It’s brilliantly well thought out and I love how it helps me organize my week!

loving what you do

This year, I didn’t open my planner from Mid March to June at all. All those pages are still blank. But once we all realized this pandemic is here to stay and this was our new normal- I started writing down everything that needed to be done on paper and my planner became a sanity saver!

2020 was a year. Writing things down simply brought a much-needed focus to my day, week, and month!

You see writing things down- be it goals, plans, wishes, thoughts, quotes or lists is who I am. I’m not wasting time here, this is the time that helps me feel grounded and planned.

I loved filling in the pages of the Passion Planner. They have a monthly over view calendar, and then each month is broken down into weekly spreads.

The weekly pages have spaces for Personal and Work to do lists, a little inspiring quote and a blank space of infinite possibility

You can grab Free printable pages of the Passion Planner if you want to try them out before you buy them


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7 ways I loved using the Passion Planner this year:

1. The smaller A5 Size worked perfectly for me this year!

This planner comes in many various sizes. I have tried all three sizes over the past few years. This year, I used the A5 size Yearly Dated planner and by far this has been the best size for me. It is smaller in size and easy to carry around in my purse. Love the textured cover design too!


If you are just going to use your planner at one desk, then you can easily choose a larger size since you will get more space to write in. For me personally, even at home I shuttle the planner from my bedside table to my desk daily. I get my best ideas at night right before falling asleep 😉

passion planner sizes

Keep in mind, the smaller size has lines that are much narrower- they work perfectly for a 0.3 pen or 0.5 mechanical pencil at best. Anything thicker than that will fall off the line.


3. You can add free printable trackers to the page!

The Passion Planner website has great add on printables that are FREE to download! The one I loved and used the most was their habit tracker

4. Use the blank dot grid sheets at the end of the planner for yearly plans

For long term planning- extra sheets at the end of the planner that have a dot grid pattern are great to fill with plans, ideas and goals.

planning dot grid style

Sure, 2020 had me moving the same task from this week to the next to the next- because everything took so much longer to complete! But there was that satisfaction in striking out the task once done. Finally done. Check.

5. Fill an entire blank page with a bold quote!

For that week when you didn’t open your planner at all, write down a bold quote to cover the entire page. So satisfying!

start where you are quote

6. Pull out your high lighters and washi tapes and just have fun!

For that week that needs a pop of color for you to focus, pull out your highlighters and colorful washi tapes, and go to town.

7. Add in marker doodles with barely any bleed!

You all know I love floral art, and when I need a good creative cleanse I simply reach for my markers and draw. These Dual Brush Pens barely bleed through the paper at all!

doodling in your planner dual brush pens

So there you have it friends, 7 ways I’ve loved using the Passion Planner this year! Remember, you can grab free printable pages of the Passion Planner if you want to try them out before you buy them.

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