How to easily make a Disney Scrapbook in one afternoon

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disney scrapbook

I’m sharing 5 tips to help you put together your Disney Scrapbook in one afternoon! Of course, these tips can be used to put together any scrapbook album of your choice. So let’s get crafting!

Putting together a Disney Scrapbook Album need not be a daunting task. A little planning and a lot of glue will do the trick!

disclaimer: affiliate links have been used through out this post.

1: Print your photos

Get those photos off your phone and onto paper. I like using a combination of Dropbox, Amazon Prime or my computer to sync both my husband’s and my phone. I tend to print my photos at home or at my local Costco photo center. If I am super organized, I order them online ahead of time. Choose whatever is convenient for you.

2: Use a pocket album

Like the one I am using here- this has pockets for smaller photos, has big empty areas for statement photos and also areas for me to write down my stories. These kind of albums are more fun to work with and thus quicker and easier to complete. Not every pocket and area needs to have a photograph- add filler cards or memorabilia in the pockets too. Making a scrapbook is so much more than just adding photos and words. It’s about bringing your memories to life.
In a previous post of mine I stitched the 2016 onto the album cover. You can see that here.

3: Write your story

But don’t limit it to just your story. Have your kids and family members contribute into this Disney Scrapbook too! Ask  your kids to add a line or in my case a drawing about how they felt the experience was. I am sure they will have something to say!

4: Stick it down

I often spend a lot of time moving my scrapbook elements around a page trying to figure out a great composition. And 90% of the times my first instinct is where I go back to. So to speed things up, I believe in adhering things down as I go. This way I’m less likely to loose small items on my table. I love using tape runner like this one by Tombow and you can still reposition them. The glue sets permanently only after a few minutes.

5: Add dimension, make it fun

Add cards with Disney characters and with fun colors and textures to make the album fun and creative. I love using felt, it makes you stop and feel it. Add wood veneers or dimensional stickers and alphabets to add drama.
Disney Scrapbook
Another great tip is- to try and get your scrapbook done while the memories are still fresh. The sooner you put things on paper the more you are likely to remember. As mothers we tend focus on getting it all done and not missing a detail. But in the long run, it is more important that we create a tangible memory of a fun vacation that gives a great overview of the experience.
Write down your journaling while you are on the flight back home. Or type it onto the Notes in your phone when you have some free time during the day. Print your photos often. Make an album that is tangible. And watch your kids flip through the pages and enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! We just visited Disney last October and the photos are still on the phones. This will get me motivated to move them! Happy NSD!

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